Presentation on AAC help please...

Hello all,

I'm a crab Officer Cadet, and after Christmas I'll be doing a 10 minute presentation on the AAC to my fellow Officer Cadets to provide some info on what the corps does, how it does it and how it co-operates with the RAF and other coalition forces in theatre.

I can find the information easily enough, what I'm looking for is videos or pictures that may not be available to the public but would provide info and entertainment to the audience who are all CTC and BC cleared.

Contact via PM if you can help out please!
I hope you have fun exploring my Mother's curves - she's 79.
It does help if you respond to or even acknowledge the PM's you get, even if it's only to say "Thanks, but I'm sorted now..."


You're not YUAS, are you ?
Hiya sorry mate, I've been snowed under, and for some reason didn't reply when I read your message! PM inbound as soon as I've finished this post! I was going to bump this, but looks like you've done it for me! I'm LUAS actually mate! YUAS links?

Oh and CTD, you're mothers curves are laaaaahverly, if a little wrinkly. Next time she wears her birthday suit, I'll get her to iron it first.

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