Presentation of VRSM with 2 clasps

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mac9543, Oct 28, 2007.

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  1. Well done mate.

    Any ideas how many serving have 2 clasps?
  2. Been in at least 20 years, Medal at 10 (min 9 annual camps) then clasp every 5. Must have been certified efficient at least 18 years out of 20 and have clean sheet. However as the medal was awarded first in 1999, there can be very few who have 2 clasps yet. Given that the average TA soldier does 2 years 20 yearsr ain't bad at all. I know some will say LS&GC is for more years but the VRSM is not dished out, I know quite a few with 10 or more years but no chance of medal.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    An ex Sgt being presented a medal by a Retired Brigadier.

    Looks like the TA isn't getting any younger.

  4. Well with 20 years or more, he was never going to be a spring chicken :wink: I will add that I would have thought he should have had the TEM awarded as to quailify for 2 clasps he would have been up for his TEM in 1999 just before it was changed to VRSM.
  5. I served with the TA from 1979 until 2003/4.

    The VRSM is granted for 10 years service, then a clasp for every 5 years after that.

    I am led to believe that I am the only ex RAOC soldier to have the VRSM with 2 clasps.
  6. Mac you may well be the only TA soldier with 2 clasps, I have not heard of any other awards although there will be a fair few next year.

    Either way congratulations and well done for giving 25 odd years to the TA.
  7. An RA WO2 and a RLC WO2 Still serving with Two VRSM Bars in South Wales.
  8. I know a guy with a TEM and a VRSM

    Do I win a prize ?
  9. then you should have a Efficencey Medal(Territorial) 1982 and a VRSM
  10. Nah, dead common..just means they've done 22 years. What is uncommon is the 2 clasps as most should have TEM and VRSM only an unlucky few who were shafted will be in for 2 clasps or else they are due in 2009.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Bring back the TD, I say.

  12. Agreed, did I come across as that bitter...
  13. Hi All,

    In my TA Band, I can think of at least three with TEM/VRSM, and one other who has two TEM bars, and so theoretically could trade them in for a VRSM, but hasn't done so.

    At least one further member was 'shafted' as the Company they were previously in was disbanded under Options for Change when they'd done 11 years, and they had 'Grandfather rights' for a TEM, as they'd done over 6 years when the new VRSM was announced. Their unit applied for a VRSM for them to clear the paperwork before the TAC closed, and once a VRSM had been issued, it could not be returned and a TEM issued in it's place.

    Best Regards,