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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tommy Gunn 1990, Apr 30, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    Couldnt find where to put this but it is open for a bit of mickey taking! I'm currently a Boxing Coach at a large Sports Centre, half my Army career was in a tracksuit so it was a natural progression.
    Anyway the Operations Manager has jumped ship and the role is up for grabs. Fact is I really want this and have been encouraged to apply. I have some relevant quals and worked as an Operations Co-ordinator when I first got out for a freight company, would however love to stay in this environment but need to progress as to be fair even with the private sessions I do it doesnt top my salary up to anything near 30k which is whats being offered for the role.
    Its in the form of a presentation to be delivered to the trustees tomorrow. I've comfortably cracked (I think) what the key deliverables are, I have blasted powerpoint and have confidently shown what Id consider needs to be done in the immediate, 3 months in and years end I'm just struggling with a couple of questions that have stumped me! Not looking for direct answers just how to approach them! :) The role encompasses Ops and FM management but also a bit of HR management too!

    Any takers?

    1. How would you measure your effectiveness in the job?
    2. What do you think the key skills and qualities are needed to do the job?
    3. How you would approach the job, for example what information would you seekout, who else would you need to involve?

  2. The best sales maxim is 'establish a need - and then sell to it''.

    So work out what they want and then focus your answers around that.
  3. What those questions are really asking is:
    What are you going to achieve for the company(your goals)?
    What skills do you have that will help deliver that achievement?
    What's your plan for delivering it?

    Cheesy but works, SMART goals help you construct them in a logical manner. MAybe worth asking, if you don't know what the previous ops mgr was asked to deliver ... so you can demonstrate "alignment" with the organisation.

    ...just off to vomit with the amount of buzzwords used.

    Good luck.
  4. Just tell them to give you the job or you'll smash their fucking head in just don't do a spud though
  5. :) thanks all so far ! Very much obliged.
  6. Sandy The Guvnor is your man.
  7. Make it mandatory for all female staff to work naked and oiled up. A few ideas, good luck.
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  8. Think about 'Lean'

    Do you have staff overlapping shifts? Do you need the current amount of staff for each particular area/sport? (Managers like cost-savings).

    Think about the non-front line services that are covered in your leisure centre. Cleaners, catering and admin/finance staff. Are they in-house, can you farm them out and save ££.

    How's the skills mix among your staff? Will some x-cross training bring extra benefits (dead wood staff reductions) and what is the ROI (Return On Investment) if you cut staff by increase training for others.

    Make sure all your female life-guards are 17 yr old honey's like where my kids swim.
  9. Thanks guys, much clearer on how to approach this now! Certainly more confident now the last hurdle is fumbling around with a projector and presenting to a load of suits :)
  10. Last one! I am now not too confident in my answer to what would need to be done by the end of the year, I have talked about continuing to implement PPM and FM type stuff for the immediate tasks and some HR/Admin process that would need to be improved by the 3 month point but all i can think of for the years end is general assessment of everything thats been implemented, i waffled on the last one but am stumped!
  11. One final point - think it's important that to demonstrate a strong commitment to Europe and the EU, and that staff have a well-rounded education including strong maths skills.

    You should therefore suggest that all future female employees are hired on the basis that they are keen on Greek, and A2M.
  12. 1.Because I enjoyed making knackered squaddies run 20 times around my magnificent body.
    2.See above
    3.See 2.
  13. KPI's. Measure and improve. It's all about finding what flicks their (the managements) switch.

    If you don't already have a set of departmental, or business KPI's, think about what you would want to see measured. Unoccupied squash courts, class numbers, revenue from groups or hire events. How can these be improved on?
    Staff levels, new gym memberships or renewals. All of these should have a target set against and a relevant person/department responsible for achieving them, although you will be ultimately responsible for them being met.

    Performance indicator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There's also the opportunity to start a female twenty's only naked Zumba class. It's all about removing the embarrasment factor. As the manager you will be repsonsible to ensure it meets all the H&S criteria during each class