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Discussion in 'REME' started by two-four-albert, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. I have been in touch with a fellow arrser reference a presentation piece to leave with my Sqn on my departure, the man being Arthur3bums, (RAC thread), an ex squaddie, (3 RTR). The work he did for me is out of this world, all hand drawn from pictures I e mailed to him. The reason for my post is if you require something that is unique, and top quality at a good price give this guy a bell, (PM even), you won't be disappointed. Look in the RAC forum for his artwork preview request. :?
  2. I apologise before I post, this is a poor photo of the piece taken still with a capbadge and the presentational text to be added, I emailed the image to 24Albie to ensure he was happy with it before he committed to geld!!
  3. a3b your stuff just gets better and better
  4. BM
    Many thanks for the compliment, it's appreciated.
    In the wings I plan a Cent and Challenger ARVs.......if anyone wishes, when they're complete I post on here to save you running around threads looking for them?? 8O
  5. Arthur just make sure you cash 24A's cheque before you send him the piece, he's a dodgy guy. :wink:
  6. IRON mate
    Have to disagree as Cheque received with thanks and banked no probs!! It may be that he was posted to the CAV for too long and that coloured your opinion??LMAO! 8)
  7. i know him well before then mate, we both had hair in those days. :D

    he was my daddy :wink:
  8.!!! Mind you I've still got mine albeit it's gone grey.......apparently I'm now a 'Silver Fox' according to my woman!!! I marry her next week so I'd better be good!! 8O