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Presentable Watches

it was a failing secondary school, staffed by muppets who where too poorly to attend during the week but healthy enough to flog socialist worker in the city centre on Saturday morning
I am a product of the Comprehensive school system myself.
My G10 is a CWC Sapphire date.


I have mine on an INT CORPS NATO strap and the dark blue NATO it came with is on another watch where it looks just dandy. I might wear it tomorrow for a change from my normal Steinhart Ocean 1

This just turned up in the post for me to review.

Good Lord it’s nice.

Full feature and phots to come soon.

It’s big. My wrists aren’t small.

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Cool, do you write the reviews on arrse? I'm still using quartz as my daily smash watch as I'd probably forget to wind up or break a mechanical one.


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I used to have a thick case G10 - albeit an original Precista. Sorry I got rid of it now, as they're hard to find apparently.


As I have said earlier, I decided my next watch will have a GMT function, Ball have just brought out a day/date and GMT movement, I think that they go for about £2500. Cant say It's for me but it ups the anti and others will follow The Ball GMT Marine.
As a lad I always watched the Royal Society Christmas Lectures on TV. Proper science with a good few explosions. On lecture the boffin was explaining that during set up the Geiger counter had gone potty and eventually it turned out to be 'Fred' the lab assistant's old Army watch. He got 'Fred' to come up and sure enough it was clicking like a good 'un. He said that it wasn't really dangerous unless 'Fred' decided to wear it dial side down for the next 200 years!

Few years ago we came back into the UK with an M10 from doing Tanks in Town in Mons ..... said M10 was fitted with a lovely New Old Stock original dash that happily set off the radiation detector's as it drove through customs....... this from inside an armoured hull .....dials did glow nicely at night though ...


That is a bit OTT for me Farer have better for less outlay.

Yep all day long, plus they are a British design, But the game changer here is the combination of a Day Date and GMT movement in a mid price range, I look forward to see what the likes of Rolex or Omega come up with. Or whether they give it a stiff ignoring, and sit on their laurels, while talking rubbish about their exciting new range of NATO straps (Omega).

Ball seem to be quite busy at the moment they seem to be very pleased with the light sticks that they use to illuminate their watches. While I'm impressed with the new movement, they have also managed to shoot them self's in the foot. Has anyone seen their new pocket watch? They have covered the dial in the light sticks, but forgotten to put any on the bloody hands!!!!! As much use as fitting a CWS to a hand grenade.


The Farer GMT Bezel comes in three models all named for roads that border the Royal Observatory in Greenwich (the home of GMT) The Charlton, Crooms and Maze


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I'm down to four watches having done a clearout, (it's surprising what people will buy). But for being seen in the dark, the all round best has been a couple of Timex expeditions, bought for a festival ten years or so ago. Change of battery and strap and thats it. Hers, just a battery.


What do we make of this one?

Richard Mille - you can tell just by looking at them. Very expensive.

They're also what the Americans would call butt ugly.

My daily a Sturmanskie Chrono. A limited edition of 25,000!!!!.
I've put it on a Zuludiver nato strap.
I got it in 2017 courtesy of Emirates with my flyer points.


e2a: I have a couple of Tag Heuer's, a 4000 series and an Aqua Racer Chrono.

But I do like the look of the Elliot Brown watches, e.g. The Canford.
I also like some of the Seiko Prospex watches too.

But, for no rational reason, I really, really want a Mondaine Stop2Go....
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Richard Mille - you can tell just by looking at them. Very expensive.

They're also what the Americans would call butt ugly.

I'm just disgusted by the texty bit. When you think of how much work they put into the rest of the watch, it looks incredibly cheap and ill thought through. Not to speak of how "**** off you big-timing cretin" would look displayed across the face; something to be said for neutral, blank digital screens there.

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