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From left to right a 1940's omega pocket watch I had converted with a glass back. A Panerai 112 q 1960's omega Seamaster and finally a tag kirium that's my every day beater. Also in my collection is a Breitling super Ocean heritage 11 in blue with a off white dial.
The Hamilton X Wind Khaki is a good choice by this maker, very popular among watch afficionado's and currently retailing at under a thousand bucks at Jomashop, even with import duty that's not a bad price.

Hamilton Men's Khaki X Wind Watch H77616533

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Saw the Hamilton Khaki Field Auto Chrono being pushed as the new Jack Ryan (Tom Clancy) watch in a posh store recently. Had a shufti and found it in the UK for nearly 1500.00 quids and at Jomashop in the US for under $1200. Tempting, but I'm holding out for the SUUNTO Traverse.

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My everyday watch was purchased 250 years ago so its value may have gone up or down, manufactured at the start of the industrial revolution it is made of pig iron and diamonds, hand made by James Watt it uses 4 cwt of nutty slack an hour, the face is marble with one of pope Benedict XV11 bollocks on the second hand, the strap is Dodo skin with a T-rex clasp. I don't wear very often as I find its a little showy and of course carrying all that coal is problematic.

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