Present or ex-Poachers

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mallard, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. Do we have any present or ex-Poachers out there ?
  2. Morning Poacher. :wink:
  3. Yes ex-poacher
  4. ex pompadour,ex poacher,current civvie
  5. Me too ex poacher, now a civvy but TA RLC keeps hands on so to speak!
  6. Served with the poachers in NI back in 2000/01
  7. I know 4 poachers all transfered to REME, what does that say about the Regiment?
  8. It says they wanted a trade mate, thats it! I bet i know 2 of them? George M ?? Ginge Risseborough?? Good infantry regiment, had more contacts and engagments than any other unit to date in Afghanistan! So think before you post!
  9. My brother is ex poacher and served out in Afghanistan with them. I served out there on Herrick 4, don't think you can compare ferocity. Don't think your few contacts came close!
  10. Calm down mate, nobody is counting contacts! I was asking what their motives to leave were, oh and by the way the two guys you mentioned are not tradesmen, they are Military Instructors.

    Final point, whatch your OPSEC mate!
  11. Blobmeister, yes correct poachers contacts apparantly were not high. I was referring to the vikings our sister battalion. They have had the most contacts or so people have reported hence the heavy bodycount!

    mentalist, op security well perhaps. But g**** and George m is not giving away full names anyway! But tell them to get in touch with this ex poacher! I was told they had retraded and re capbadged so info was wrong!