Prescription Charges Rise

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Infiltrator, Mar 4, 2011.

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  1. Dig deep and cough up, we're used to it and are quite happy to sit back and allow these things to happen. Don't like it write to your MP, he'll reply with a very polite letter and do nothing whatsoever about it. We're Pavlov's dogs and we've learnt helplessness, this electric floor smarts a bit. No matter i'll go fill the car up later.
  2. Shameful :)
  3. Auld-Yin

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    Quite agree. It is shameful for the Scottish government to bring in free prescriptions AFTER I am entitled to free ones :) Can I get a rebate on my previous scrips?
  4. Does this apply to the siw druggies on alternative [safe] medications or do they get them free?
  5. As a rule of thumb if you work you pay, so they are the same. You can beast the diabetics though as they get free prescriptions regardless.
  6. B*ll*cks! Just as I am about to join the ranks of CivDiv - those BP tablets won't pay for themselves you know!
  7. Barnett formula at work?
  8. Visit Scotland or wales once a month.
  9. Much as I would love to - have you seen the price of fuel nowadays? Almost as bad as prescription charges.
  10. Free methadone! Ya radge!
  11. Sixty

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    I'm really getting quite sick of threads where the OP clearly has no idea how a block grant works. It's taken from general taxation from everyone in the UK (and not just you poor, put upon English) and given to the Scottish Government to spend as it wishes. In this case, the Scottish Government, not unreasonably, decides that the people of Scotland would benefit from free prescriptions. It's got the square root of sod all to do with the price going up in England.

    Don't like it? Write to the party you support / are a member of and ask them to implement it as a policy, bearing in mind that you have ten times the population so it would be ten times more expensive. If they refuse, start your own party campaigning on that issue. Or you could take the ever popular option three and do f*ck all except sit and whine about it on the internet.

    Welcome to democracy.
  12. Prescription charges in N.I.are at the moment free,however,there's a rumour going round that they might re-introduce charges after the may assembly elections.Sneaky or what?I will certainly be filling the earholes of any of those clowns who think they are worthy of my vote.
  13. Some drugs are hideously expensive, why not ask to pay the full price? Some GP's will give you a private prescription for cheaper drugs.
  14. My prescriptions are the same price, aren't I a ****? :)