Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Norfolknchance, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. :x I read that the Fat One (known in Spain as "El Gordo") is being voted in by his fellow Labour(ious) MP mates as a member of the UK delegation with the Council of Europe. It's an unpaid job but he'll still have £60K per year in the back pouch when he finally quits as an MP. That unpaid job he's taking has generous travel allowance perks as well. I suppose that makes it OK then. :evil:

    Council of Europe? Did my old man not fight for King and country 60 years ago to stop things like this? :twisted:
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    The man is a joke.

    He can't even speak English so he's going to have loads of credibility in Europe if he can't at least speak a second language.

    But as long as the tax payer isn't paying for him then who cares what he does. No doubt he will be looking for a half decent diary secretary to shag as well.
  3. FFS PMSL.

    On a more serious note - I cannot believe that Prescott has jumped on another fcuking gravy train. Any arresrs got details of the perks of the job?
  4. Yes, he gets to spar with Ricky Hatton.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm beginning to see a pattern here. How many Neu Arbeit members have been given jobs in the EU. Could the plan all along have been to sell us out to Europe, and then populate the coridoors of EU power with Labliar apparifatchicks?
  6. According to the Mail, the fat clunt 's on a cabinet pension of £23K plus an MPs pension of £37K plus "allow him to live the lifestyle he has become accostomed to - first class travel, 5 star hotels and tens of thousands of pounds worth of expenses"!

    I'm in the wrong fuking job! :twisted:
  7. Please tell me you're winding me up - this can't be true. The man's a caricature. The only plus side is that he'll be out of the country.

  8. Spending part of our contribution to the EU - and saying Fcuk Knows What :twisted:
  9. Could we not send him to China? Europe is not far enough away!
  10. Ah, but we are aren't we?
    How much do we "give" to the EU?
  11. It's a bit more direct than that I'm afraid. I hear he's to be allowed to keep his flat at Admiralty Arch. That's reckoned to be worth about 100 grand a year. Care to guess how much tax he'll be paying on this benefit in kind? Obviously Prezza hasn't handed over all of the negatives yet.

    Tony is going to be hanging on to Chequers for the time being too. He can't move in to his mansion in London for some reason. We couldn't force the poor chap to live in his house in that dreadful Sedgefield place now could we?
  12. Still i think that they need a good laugh, and they should get that once Prescott starts to speak
  13. Pity the translators!
  14. How about Darfur as UKLO to the Janjaweed. Although he would have to get a really a big horse to ride (no two) - there you go Johnny Two Nags, or the Fat Bastrad of the Apocalypse. He definately needs somewhere where he would sweat a lot though help her with barmy hair to fancy it with him again. Maybe Mayor of Mogadishu.

    See if they let us pick the sinecures for these toads it would far better for the world.