Prescotts at it again!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by LordVonHarley, Aug 17, 2006.

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  1. Its a bit rich for Prescott to call any administration crap. This comes from the deputy prime minister who has had all departmental responsability taken away from him, yet retains the perks. This, from a man who once stated that incompetence should be dealt with at the highest level. Should have been sacked ages ago..

    No respect at all for any member of Labour
  2. He was just pandering to his audience at the time.

    Had it been a meeting with a group of neo-con's, i suspect he may have been singing a different tune.

  3. Much as I despise the over-promoted steward, he can't be blamed for occasionally getting it right, can he? Oh he can? Fair enough then.
  4. Thats a bit rich considering how Presscott was dressed a bit recently.
  5. What's your opinion of tories?
  6. I hate fat politicians. Being fat indicates a fundamental lack of self-discipline and good judgement; I think that those two qualities are necessary in any sort of leader especially an MP. In short fat people should not be alowed to serve in Paliament
  7. Substitute Labour, for any politician. I do however think that at the moment, the Cons are the only viable alternative.
  8. When I saw the title I wondered....

    'What? Shaggin a secertary, eating pies, or being a fat knob?'

    Now I know, all three!