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lsquared said:
BBC reports Prescott taken ill. Oh! dear! What a pity, never mind. Let us all pray it is nothing trivial.
Probably only the Pox from all the Arse licking, or could it be from all the P.A. licking? :?


It's Sunday. I'm off to church to pray that this is true.

Fat, Welsh, lying twaat.
in_the_cheapseats - This topic posted 0757 hours which was before the topic in the naughty NAAFI Bar. Yah! Boo! Sucks! and Nah, Nah, Ne, Nah, Nah. Grin, grin, smirk!

(Yep, I agree, I've lost it and I blame BLIAR)
Now Sky News is reporting he is in a high dependancy unit and has pneumonia , there is a God in heaven and two jags is getting his due reward at last . I do hope some kind person switches him off , but not before he has suffered

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