Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by pete49, May 1, 2006.

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  1. well would you belive it fat boy,s been nobbing his secretary the man who slagged off the torys about slease caught with his big y fronts round his ankles , but tony says it,s a private matter well i think nobbin your secretary in work,s time in a government building
    stops being private, i notice he has,nt shown his face yet could be a few scratch marks to hide
  2. But on a scale of importance, the errors committed by Big Ears are signicantly greater than 2 Shags getting his secretary over his desk. I really don't see this is as a sacking offence. Sadly, the puritanical British public are likely to demand his head but ignore the greater threat to our security through the errors of cabint colleague. It was only a shag, it is not exactly most heinous crime a man be guilty of.
  3. The problem is not the shagging itself bianchi. The problem is that Prescott swore a solemn promise to remain faithful to his wife, 'forsaking all others so long as we both shall live'. He broke that promise, so why should he be trusted to keep his word to the British public?

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  5. Obviously, that keeping of word is within the usual New Labour parameters.

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  7. I think you will find that issues of faithfulness within the married community have shown a real term year on year increase under a Labour government. This administration has appointed a Fidelity Watchdog dedicated to monitoring the application and verification of wedding vows in a very real sense amongst all elements of the married community, whihc is more than the previous government ever did. Furthermore the issue of promises is one this government takes very seriusly. According to the report of the Promises Monitoring Delivery Unit, more promises were delivered against under this administration than in any other European Union country (continues for 94 hours)