Prescott to go at same time as Bliar - tragedy (Poll)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brockle, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. Damn it! - Blair must go NOW!

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  2. No, give them time to scupper Brown good and proper

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  3. I quite like the Jag infested, croquet playing buffoon

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  1. Just heard it in the radio - John Prescott will announce that he will retire at the same time as Blair.

    Now I have been pretty sanguine about Blair's departure, not least because his replacement seems far worse, and I can't take another hectoring Jock south of their border.

    But the chance of speeding the departure of Blair's sinister yet comical in-house cretin is one which means I for one will be agitating for a speedy and calamitous night of the long knives for Blair every time Gallup or MORI get in touch for another one of those opinion polls.

    And no... I can't be arrsed to find a link.
  2. Simply mr.Prescott knows mr.Blair much better than you. If a politician says that he will step down within a year it means that he will stay at least during a year with possible prolongation of this term.
  3. Not so sure. As a rule of thumb we hold people to their undertakings in this country, even mendacious gabbling half-wits like JP. Their position becomes untenable and whoops! - out they go, in circumstances they cannot control.

    Watch it happen.
  4. A lot depends on whether Precot can exert the same level of influence over the next incumbent at No 10 as he seems to have done over Blair.

  5. True but doubtful. Prescott's appointment was to appease the unions whilst ensuring that a tame and sterile buffoon was found who was insufficiently capable of developing rational thoughts and sentences. Over the years Labour's care in the community remit has ensured that he stays in office despite the fact that a colobus monkey would be a more attractive and efficient replacement.

    Prescott is such a joke amongst the unions that he is no longer their man. So No 10 doesn't need him - in fact he's a liability. Someone has got a bit of cardboard and crayoned this fact onto it and handed it to him and he has heeded the advice.

    Wonder what he will do with even more spare time? (It won't be a book)
  6. Hurrah!

    So which pro-Brown bootlick will take his place then?
  7. I see he has let Tony decide the date though.....spineless and indecisive to the end.
  8. "which was nice!"
  9. "If David Cameron thinks that a photo shoot of him hugging a husky dog and adopting an oak tree for their emblem could fool the British people into thinking that the Tories have fundamentally changed, he's barking up the wrong tree."

    He finally talks some sense just as he is leaving!
  10. Aside from comedy value, what value has he actually been to the government recently?
    I doubt anyone will notice when he’s gone.

    Utterly utterly pointless man.
  11. The ideal candidate to replace the fat useless tub of lard....


    Good riddance. He can always get a job as a bollard outside Shaibah.
  12. And just what do You know about the job Prescott has been doing?? Is the job of government all about self agrandisment in front of the countries media. Is it about grandstanding on some stage with pop singers and minor celebrities cheering You on???? Or is it about the nuts and bolts, chairing committees, writing reports and turning up to vote.

    On this last point, Prescott has voted in 48% of the time in 2004/5 which sounds low but look at the comparisons - Blair 12%, Cameron 34% (when all he has to do is look pretty and second guess government decisions), while Campbell is slightly better at 66%.

    Of course, MPs also have their constituents to answer to. If Prescott was utterly utterly pointless - how come he has a majority of nearly 12,000 - 59th safest out of 643.

    I am not a Labour Party supporter and believe that Prescott has deserted many of his ideals, but Your post shows an ignorance unfortunately echoing a partisan press desperately trying to bring down any member of the government it can
  13. How about: failure to sort out the UK's tpt network - as promised in 1997 or wasting a fortune on regional assembly work in England or the fact that the office of the DPM has had its mandate significantly reduced as it failed singularly to add value to the government of this country.

    He has a majority like that because his seat is in a traditional labour heartland.

    He scoffed and snorted at major's govt for their sleaze and was found wanting in that area.

    And I cannot identify anything that he has achieved in the last 10 years.

    Shame he's going tho - a combination of him and Brown would guarantee a change of political direction at the next election.
  14. Oh I think he is a right laugh.

    Just look at the comments he has made when BLiar has been away and Prescott has stepped into the breach.

    Having two Cars at a labour conf so his missus's hair do (paid for by the British tax payer) was not spoilt was priceless.

    Having an afair, doing it during work time......priceless.

    It is all good stuff to show the voting public that Labour are no better.
  15. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Demographics. There are parts of this country where you could dress up an Orang Utan in a Labour/Tory/Lib Dem/Sinn Fein/DUP rosette and it would still win comfortably. Prescott's majority in his constituency is not a good reason to suppose that he's doing a good job.