Prescott threatens to destroy policing in Humberside

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Counter-Bluffer-Ops, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. Announced that Prescott will be running for the post of Humberside Police Commissioner. Following his magnificent track record in wrecking transport policy, and destroying thousands of serviceable homes in the North, I suppose this is the next logical step. I wish him all the best.

    BBC News - Lord Prescott seeks Humberside police commissioner job
  2. Even if he were competent whilst a minister, he's too old and silly to know what he's doing now (not that he knew before).
  3. Made me laugh when I heard on R4 that he was 'running' for office. Isn't it 'standing' for office in English. As for him running, I'd run him over a RM assault course at bayonet point until the fat knacker croaked!
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Old 2 jags wants to continue in public service, if thats true then the fat **** can offer to do it for free or even to pay for the staff under him freeing up the money for public order units to bash chavs and pikeys whichg would be a public service!
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  5. JP can't really do any more damage to the HPF, although those south of the river might struggle to comprehend the noises that come out of the daft Welsh twat's mouth.
  6. Suggest they lock all the secretary's away if JP goes up their.
  7. JP already lives 'up their' (sic).
  8. "Walk outside and compare the Bridge Canal now to what it was 10 years ago" - Prezza was a good politician - even you infidels should realise that - name me a better politician please.....
  9. Come to think of it he is probably so furious at the police's conduct over phone hacking that he decided to stand so he could bash some heads together.

    Believe it or not this was just about his only useful function in government - forcing other people to work together and do things. Of course he did little work himself.
  10. Boris Johnson. Politician and professional entertainer extraordinaire.
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  11. Huge fan-base on Merseyside.

  12. Welcome back A_K.

    If you think JP was a good politician, you really are deluded.
  13. He's leached hundreds of thousands over the years from the country & now at 74 he wants to continue doing it. Doesn't the stupid parasitic cnut realise there are no pockets in shrouds?
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  14. Either it's a case of old habits dying hard, or he's still trying to appease Pauline after the 'Two-shags' affair.

    People seem to forget that he provides employment for dozens of Hull City Council outreach workers who cycle around the city to provide translations of John's drivel to confused citizens, as well as an online 'Bolloxfish' service through the Hull Daily Mail's internet portal.