Prescott the predator keeps his spoils

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, May 7, 2006.

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    What a player! FFS, a hand up the skirt and……
    I’m voting Labour from now on. All those in favour, stick your hand up. :lol:
  2. Last time I stuck my hand up a girl's skirt I got bitten ffs

    Am I uglier and fatter than prescott? (don't answer that)

    I'll vote labour if Margrett Beckett lets me stick my hand up her skirt :twisted:
  3. Bitten! You need to find a classier type of bird crabby, preferably one without crabs the size of adolescent gerbils.
    Perhaps now pentwyn has no more use for her head-dobber you could use it to check for traps or small rodents first.

    You could try mistersofts' shop; apparently he does a lovely line in irony products and is looking to diversify.

  4. Disallowing the double negative, isn't this exactly how Munn recalls it?

    Will he now progress from old ladies to little boys?
  5. Would it be possible that Prescott has something on Blair, who is a spineless bastard anyway!
  6. Was she doing a handstand at the time?

    I don't know but I can guess.

    That's horribly sick Crabby. I bet her caravan is better looking.
  7. Whats Prescott got on Bliar? must be good whatever it is....
  8. Prescott is the de-facto leader of "old Labour", the left-ish socialist party. If Prescott goes half the party goes with him and chances he'd start a leadership contest, he probably wouldn't win, but it's almost certain that Bliar wouldn't win either. He's also been around in the top echelons of this administration long enough to know where the bodies are buried. A few choice interviews from two shags and Tony Bliar could find himself spending a lot of time with his family. Prescott's the kind of guy that Bliar needs inside the tent piffing out, not ouside piffing in.
  9. Police are to investigate Prescott's antics with his secretary after a retired police officer complained 'in the interests of equity'.

    Still, Prescott will have plenty of time to explain himself, as well as lots of money for lawyers.

    Full story: BBC News
  10. The CPS will throw this out. They will cite it as not in the public interest and a waste of tax payers money.
  11. Ultimately, if Prescott also gets 200 hours community service, may I send my sympathies in advance to whichever community he gets to 'serve'
  12. The thought of the fat parasite in orange overalls, digging the embankment of the A1, is quite frankly delightful!
  13. I'm sure you're right. And nothing whatsoever to do with Lord Cronysmith or Lord Falconer having any influence over the judicial system, of course.
  14. Don't you thinbk the law should be investigating the trout he was shagging. She needs her head examining and needs sectioning. Ahh.... how many thousands did the Mail pay her. Clever lass... nickers down as planned, oh look here comes a hundred grand. Gives hope to us fat and uglies
  15. maybe the fuzz should investigate twoo bags robbing the taxpayer of £137,000 per year for doing f**k all, and what really gets my goat is that they admit that the waste of space now has f**k all to do. Sorry forgot 1) occupy TWO grace and favor homes,2) increase the countrys fuel consumption by driving between said homes 3) have two shags at each home 4) add cost of points 1-3 to none exsistent gov dept.