Prescott: the nightmare continues

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. Why am I wibbling on about him? The fornicating tub o' lard is history and can do no more damage. Huzzah.


    As of Monday he is British representative to the Council of Europe, that vast talking shop which is the true spawning ground of so much Euro-nonsense.

    Bad enough you would think. But there is more.

    Thanks to his extensive experience of, er, screwing things up, he is also appointed to the Assembly of Western European Union.

    So why should you care?

    Yes, the EU assembly for security and defence. Small example of their work:

    Paris, 5 June 2007 - On Tuesday the WEU Assembly recommended setting up a permanent multinational operations headquarters responsible for planning the deployment and use of the 1 500-strong “battlegroups” that the European Union could send to external theatres of operation in under 10 days.

    Be very afraid.
  2. right so he has to persuade the eu to cooperate?
    as they never have and he never will its business as usual!
  3. Why do you think that NO politician will pull out of the EU?
    It is there for them when they get voted out of here......
  4. Can't speak for the Council of Europe, Blogg, but as for the WEU; I wouldn't be too afraid. I spent 1999 - 2002 in Brussels as the UK rep to, among other things, the Western European Armaments Group (WEAG - now defunct), which was the WEU body for armaments co-operation issues. A vast talking shop that achieved very little (but we did go on some nice jollies!), and the WEU is little different - even given Two Sh@g's total lack of talent he'll have little chance to make much of a mess of things. The WEU Assembly also only concerns itself with political aspects of the "Petersburg Tasks" (as I think they were called): the actual planning will be done by the Military Staff. When I was there at least, there were some very compentent officers there.
  5. Hence Kinnock, one of the most unpopular and crap political leaders ever gets a top job at the EU. As does his wife, who has done zilch domestically but somehow has a cushty number in Brussells.

    Bit sinister the below bit if you think of the potential scope.
  6. As good a reason as any for binning the European Soviet Union.

  7. Why the antipathy towards fat guts Prescott? Ex- steward on a boat – must be a member of the working class. Can’t string a coherent sentence or thought together. Fisticuffs at the drop of a hat…or an egg. Shags every female in sight. Jumps on every bandwagon going and grabs every opportunity to have a good time. Loves to showboat and he’s also a northerner. Surely he’s one of the lads? :roll:

    The reason the London ‘intelligensia’ detest the man and poke fun at him is because he’s an example of us ….and they have nothing but contempt for us.

    True he’s not a typical example and I truly detest the man …but I have to look in the mirror and say…..I’m bloody jealous. I just wish I’d joined a union and got as far as he’s got on with feck all talent but lots of grit?

    This coming from a conservative …..I now feel I need my tablets.

    Standby for Flack…….!!!!! :D
  8. I do not care if he was born the first son of the fabled Lord Scrotum of Ringpiece Castle, heir to the family billions, was tall, thin, attractive, married to someone who did not wear bad wigs and could speak all proper like.

    He is a bombastic buffoon who created a vast number of problems during his tenure in a Government department created just for him. Holds personal responsibilty for creating some of the stupidest, pointless and expensive bureacracies the UK has ever seen and screwing up all manner of things.

    The man is a mobile disaster area.
  9. Quite. :D