Prescott says something sensible? Miracles do happen...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by crabby, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. No crabby some one wrote it for him he just had to read the auto-cue
  2. A few Arab commentators on various news channels have agreed with his execution, but not with the mobile phone video clips.
  3. took long enough
  4. Well quite; no matter whether he should have been swinging or not, the way he was treated by the people present, and the recording on a phone, showed a lot less respect than unfortunately Saddam managed.

    Admittedly his thousands of victims were treated far far worse, but the circumstances surrounding his execution are not going to help Iraq in the slightest (if it was ever going to...)
  5. Pity it wasn't his neck!

    PS. I wonder who told him to make the statement. No way would he have constructed it himself.
  6. I heard him on Radio 4 this morning. What a way to get back to work!

    He was saying that all those involved were deplorable, thus directly infering the government. He refused to elaborate as usual and then went into 'how great Tony is' mode again.

    I dare say after some strong words we will see no actions following this.
  7. I do not think I need any lessons from Mr Prescott on what he may or may not consider 'deplorable'.

    Mr Prescott has nothing to say and says nothing rather too loudly.
  8. I listened to Prescott on Radio 4 this morning. He was arrogant, defensive, and apart from stating the bloody obvious vis a vis the exection said nothing of value at all.

    What a cnut.
  9. As an aside to the thread - do these Islamic critics realise that the only witnesses at execution were brother Arabs? It is them they should be lecturing and not us. Twas not the Coalition that took the pictures,
  10. Agreed
  11. I heard him as well. Rancid, pugnatious bully.
  12. As if he'd fit down the trap door!
  13. Very true, however the execution was very un-professional for the Iraqi Government in how it was carried out. It should have been off camera.
  14. He was in top Prescott form: arrogant, bullying and ranting on about the BBC and it's 'interpretations' of the news. And a general gob-off about the nasty press. Had a good go at Ed Sturton (sp?) too, but came across as what he is: TB's little token 'working class' beatch.

    Got VERY defensive about the Grinning Elf & Wide Mouthed Frog's choice of holiday destination too... maybe jealous? (Tony, Tony, it's not faaair - all I got was a day at the ranch, pleease can I come too?)

    However, someone different must have been programming his braincell today as he was relatively (for Prescott) coherent. Did he get issued with a different control chip when TB jetted off?

    Also, is it just me or are you immediately suspicious of someone with the future political career prospects of Gary Glitter, who is technically in charge (of cleaning Broons's shoes) making a deliberately provocative comment on a sensitive topic to increase their own profile?

    Must be a book in the offing...suggested title - "Smacked a Snapper, Snapped a Slapper and Scoffed a (pie) Supper".

    Because if you can be certain of one thing, you'd be fecking mad to hire him as an after dinner speaker.