Prescott in the news again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by theoriginalphantom, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. From the BBc web site;

    Prescott declares US ranch stay

    John Prescott is to declare in the Register of Members' Interests his stay at the ranch of a US billionaire who wants to run the UK's only supercasino.

    The U-turn came as standards watchdog Sir Philip Mawer began an inquiry into a Conservative complaint about his failure to declare the stay.

    The deputy prime minister had said he was on official business, so had not needed to declare it in the register.

    He said he wanted to make clear he "acted at all times with integrity".

    2 Jags story

    Once again Mr Prescott gets himself into the news, and for all the wrong reasons. The Tories are making plenty of noise over this one (as per usual) and Labour are saying there is nothing wrong with it. I can't take the man seriously, and the statement that he 'acted at all times with integrity' why now? he doesn't seem to act with integrity at any other time.
  2. Great! I think the man's worth his immense weight in gold. He is the essence of everything that is wrong with this devious morally bankrupt Government. The more he further discredits it the better. Eventually the thick bar-stewards in the polling booths (bugger! I said Booth! Cheri? Aaarghh!) might just notice.
  3. Just now on the news I saw him blow a kiss at the journos as he came out of No.10.

    Makes me proud to be British to have such an outstanding man running our great cnutry.

    What an ignorant fat pig.
  4. But will he resign, or will he hang on as long as possible, and then only resign as little as possible and retain all the perks and freebies he currently enjoys?? Me thinks he will hang on as long as he can, he is thick skinned and dont' seem at all bothered by the way he has conducted himself
  5. You and I are all fodder to this Govt. They care nowt for what we want except at election time. Prescott, Blair and Brown, probably the three most untrustworthy characters in politics right now, each supporting and scheeming on behalf of the other. Each hanging on to their position by their finger nails. They make me want to jack UK in.
  6. Wait till you hear Bliar state he has the utmost confidence in the fat **** and then you will be sure he is on the way out.
  7. What sickens me is that what ever happens he will end up being Lord Prescott.

    Another success for Blairs reform of The House of Lords.

    When is this country going to wake up to what Blair is doing.
  8. GMTV are doing a phone poll this morning, shoud he resign yes or no. within a few minutes they had 1000 votes 94% yes, 6% no.
  9. Admittedly most of these votes will be from the bank of autodiallers at Tory Central Office. The same ones that got Carole Thatcher to win " I'm a Celebrity "

    Or in this case "I'm a fat former barsteward get me out of here" ( sorry couldn't resist that one )
  10. They are more likely to come from Labour HQ rather than Tory, and I am sure that they will pass the cost of the calls off to the tax payer.

    Cynical moi?
  11. There is a further revelation out there, waiting to hit the papers. Will he survive both?
  12. I've just had the pleasure of listening to the ranting buffoon on the Today programme. I bet they will have to wipe down the microphone to remove the spittle.

    He pointedly refused to deny that he had had affairs other than the trysts with Tracy. The story must be about to hit the newspapers soon.
  13. Does this buffoon have the right to defend himself publicly, thrashing out his moral high ground? He did the bad deed, defending himself that he didn't carry out more is hypocritical isn't it? I suppose this gives him the op to wriggle himself into a more favourable position. When are these people going to start serving us for a change as opposed to their own personal interests?
  14. Prescott says he hasn´t made any money out of politics, well fcuk me sideways, if 140 thou a year and all the freebies isn't money WTF is?
    Integrity my ass, doesn't know what it means
  15. What the feck has the Millenium Dome and casinos got to do with him? He's not a business man, he's supposedly a politician so shouldn't he be doing politician things like smacking people in the gob and shagging the secretary?