Prescott in another controversy over perks

This may be a storm in a teacup, but i think it warrants some some further investigation.

John Prescott accepted a steak and kidney pie and a glass of water on a pre-Christmas visit to Brighton and Hove Albion FC, MPs have been told.

Lewes Lib Dem MP Norman Baker raised the issue of hospitality given to the deputy prime minister on 16 December.

Mr Baker asked whether Mr Prescott took advice from officials before accepting hospitality from the club.

He was told: "Information relating to internal meetings, discussion and advice is not disclosed."

Mr Prescott gave consent on 27 October for Brighton and Hove Albion to build a new stadium on greenbelt land at Falmer.

Lewes District Council, in Mr Baker's constituency, is challenging the decision in the High Court, arguing it conflicts with the government's planning guidance.
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This is all bollocks. Brighton currently play at Withdean Athletic Stadium, they were playing Hull, which is Prescott's home team. He was given the same hospitality as any one else that was brought down by Hull as a VIP/Guest. Norman Baker is a vindictive LibDem (and we know all about them) who doesn't want Brighton to have a new stadium built at Falmer, which he maintains in a little piece of green heaven on the Downs, all duck ponds and dowagers. Which is bollocks, as it's the site of Sussex University and a dual carriageway! He has been co-opted by some of the more "vocal" residents of Falmer who are concerned about house prices, not preserving an Area of Natural Beauty.

As a Brighton supporter, if you want to investigate then give me a shout!

Norman Baker has recently been forced to change his website as it was promoting beer - not too tactful with the ex-leader of his party being an alcoholic, and also slightly "iffy" as Mr Baker has a history of work in the beverage trade and was trying to get a local beer onto the menu at the Houses of Parliament. There were rumblings of backhanders and freebies, he has now dropped this moaning about Prescott in case anyone digs too deeply into his life!

Lewes District Council are also being challenged as they are committing a massive amount of public money (voted at a closed-door session) to an appeal that they cannot win.
Thanks PS, a local view is always welcome.

I can see what you mean about it being the standard treatment for any guest VIP at the club, but the normal calibre of guest does not have the power to deny or grant them planning permission which may ultimately make or break the club.

My inital view was that it was one of the more desperate attempts at smearing a government minister, but reading more i begin to wonder.
Pompey Sailor,

Brighton certainly know how to entertain their VIP guests - steak and kidney pies and a glass of water! I imagine that Prescott had seconds. The hypocritical, revolting creature.
Did John eat all his pie, and did the crowd sing a song about it?

As for Norman Baker, he played a fair hand in Many's second leaving, and has also railed against severance payments to Ministers who subsequently return to government. So, not all bad ..... and campaigning for beer is a good thing - especially if it helps to Harvey's to survive.
When you are millions in debt, can't afford new players, and the teams get changed in ISO containers, he was lucky to get a glass of water! Personally, can't stand the bloke, especially as I think it's a national disgrace that an ex P&O steward gets to live in Admiralty Arch, but I dislike Norman Baker even more. If he wasn't giving us permission to get a new ground, I would still be up for shooting him.
But he granted permission in October and had his pie and pint in december. Now am I being a mong or had he already done the deed before he was treated? Also, realistically, it would need to be a bigger brible than a pie and a pint to sway a mind if they were inethical enough to accept bribes in the first place.

Waste of time, and a non story, IMHO
I don't think the FA are rushing to investigate this one as a "bung".

The pies at Withdean are shite anyway, so it serves him right.
PompeySailor said:
The pies at Withdean are shite anyway, so it serves him right.
I imagine 'Jabba' Prescott is something of a connossieur where pies are concerned. Perhaps he will be writing a review for some foodie publication ('Pie & Lard Monthly' possibly) - he doesn't appear to have any other useful function.
He serves a wonderful purpose. He is Minister in Charge of Distraction. He is the equivalent of the idiot Junior Officer that is put up the front to cause chaos and mayhem, and generally act like human chaff so that those of us at the back can get on with our jobs (ie hiding stuff so that all those watching the Commissioned Catherine Wheel don't see us doing it).
Oneshot said:
Also, realistically, it would need to be a bigger brible than a pie and a pint to sway a mind if they were inethical enough to accept bribes in the first place.
normally I would agree, but this is prescott we are talking about and the pie was THIS BIG

*holds out arms at full stretch*
Just so you can see how rational the Brighton supporters are, the following reply has been sent to Norman Baker by an "aggrieved" fan (don't forget that Brighton were the team who had supporters jailed a few years back for making death threats!)


Originally posted by Ex Shelton Seagull
Dear Mr Baker

Just dropping you a letter to say a big "well done" for finally exposing the Deputy Prime Ministers eating habits whilst attending football matches. For many years I have attempted to find out this critical piece of information and met only a brick wall of silence in my attempt to uncover the truth.

Now the wall has come crashing down, symbolic with the fall of the Berlin Wall in my eyes, and our so called "leaders" diet whilst attending sporting events has finally been exposed for all the world to see. How much more is there to this conspiracy I wonder? Don't stop now Mr Baker, we need to know more? What company produced the pie? Were the contents fully traceable? Most important of all, were they British? What a scandal it would be if our Deputy Prime Minister was found to have consumed a FOREIGN pie!

Please don't stop your crusade for the truth. It's so rewarding for all us tax payers to know that there are still men fighting the good fight. From struggling to get the crucial subject of Jeremy Clarkson raised in Parliament, to your quest to find out what John Prescott does every day of his life, you are fighting a crusade for justice that is worth every penny of our money.

May I also say what a relief it is to find good honest men like yourself still active in politics, the type of man who would never undermine their party leader and then scuttle off out of sight. It's also refreshing to see that there are still upstanding individuals such as yourself in the Liberal party. I was beginning to suspect you were all pissheads or perverts who wear soiled undergarments for sexual gratification and engage in 3-in-a-bed romps.

Yours (Up)

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