Prescott guilty....

I love the way he claims that the 'cowboy' outfit given to him by the billionaire is worth about 600 quid.

What a lying fat bstard!

If you were a billionaire chasing a 5 billion GBP deal, would you go and buy cr@p for a man you ignorantly assume to be the second most senior man in the UK and who has influence over the deal, or would you butter him up with some good gear?

Stetson hat = up to 300 quid for a top of the range example (plain version. Anything like 'gater leather trim, semi-precious stones etc can push the price to over 800 quid).
Cowboy boots = about 2,000 quid for a sexy pair, 300 for a good pair.
Jeans = about 100-200 quid (or 25 dollars if Levi's!)
Silver belt buckle (personlised, hand made) = 400 quid and upwards for a nice one.
Belt = 300 - 500 quid (plain leather 300, 'gator about 400 and Buffalo even more)

That is unless the Yank saw through Prescotts facade and brought him the cheapest and shitiest outfit possible.

I can no longer be objective about Prescott. He and the majority of his party are liars, shysters and cnuts. They are so bent they make the Nigerians and Kenyans look honest and upright!

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