Pres.Chavez insults mr.Blair

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. No

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  2. Yes but without British paticipation

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  3. Yes but with symbolic British involvement

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  4. Yes with full support from the UK

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  5. Yes and Britain should strike first

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    As we see Rt.hon.learned mr.Blair made extremely polite remark. But Venezuelan hawbuck replied

    Century ago, so bold statement would be a sufficient cause for war.
  2. Mr. Blair is quite correct. We should not support or ally ourselves with countries or governments, which have no democratic process in place. You will not find the British Government allied to any non-democratic countries.

    Apart from Kuwait , Saudi Arabia, Bahrain , Jordan , Oman . Qatar, Pakistan , Kazakstan..........
  3. One can recall gen.Pinochet. Was he a British ally in 1982?

    Notion of democracy is a very subtle matte. Pirates had some sort of democracy too (however only for internal usage). And gang of robbers could elect their leader democratically. But I doubt that you prefer to be robbed by 'democratically elected bandit'.
  4. I have no problem with Bliar being insulted, I do it on a daily basis. Not sure OP Venezuela Freedom is the best idea though, we'd be absolutely Caracas (groan) to go there.
  5. No problem with insult Blair either

    BTW is Pakistan democratic?
  6. I really have no problem with Blair being insulted. That's all he's good for.
  7. u left one out my friend, tho i'm not sure of it's validity. it all depends on whether it counts if you have a democratic system, but ignore it (say for example in important presidential elections)........
  8. An invasion of Venezuela could potentially bottom out their sustaining industry of beauty contestant pageants and cheap plastic surgery. Think carefully, gents...


    Edited to provide illustration of potential impact (Miss Venezuela 2005)...
  9. Now...what would Georgie do? Pre-emptive strikes on air defences and then send in the BUFFs...what will we do? Wring our hands and ignore this tinpot slug...
  10. I'd say that both Blair and Chavez are right.

    So do we go to war over it?

    Judging by what could be at stake (see Tankies post) I am willing to selflessly take one for the team and go there on a 'fact finding mission' (its a tough job but someone's got to do it).

    I believe that it would only be good and fair to expect a small contribution from each member of arrse to fund this vital mission. Hell I'll even bring piccies back for the gallery. You can't say fairer than that can you?
  11. Is it possible to insult BLiar? He is too thick-skinned to realise that someone is having a go at him. Tw@! :evil:
  12. Staaken!

    No, I haven't. But this one is funny

    So we see that

    Any republic is 'a representative democracy'. And thus any republic is a democratic republic. So at least one definition is redundant.

    Federal republic is a particular form of republic and thus is a democracy too.

    It appears that Pakistan is namely federal republic. Previously I thought that it is an Islamic republic (but in fact a dictatorship).

    Albania - emerging democracy. So it is not a democracy yet. Maybe it is a dictatorship?
    Belarus - republic in name, although in fact a dictatorship. Why this definition was been not used in the case of Pakistan?
    Belgium - federal parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarch. Very clear definition.
    United Kingdom - constitutional monarchy. So CIA doubts that the UK is a democracy? Interesting...
    Zimbabwe - parliamentary democracy. Very interesting information.
    Unated states - Constitution-based federal republic; strong democratic tradition. Look only USA have 'strong democratic tradition'.
    Russia - federation. And that's all? Why not a dictatorship?
    Hong Kong - limited democracy. What does it mean?
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    He serpently was Sergey......some SF ops were apparentely launched form Chilean FOBs....but ANY Chileno would have supported us in that case you weren't aware, Chile regard Argentina as their main potential threat in terms of LAND attack ( contiguous disputed border called , er, the Andes....), so some silly Yurpean nation spending blood and gelt to take down Galtieri was very much in the Chilean National interest..... Main naval threat is seen as Peru to the North.

    I was in dodgy arms-dealer mode at that time.....the ironies would delight you...we could cheerfully sell Chile Surface-to-Air missiles ( and we did 'cos I hand-delivered an export licence to Southampton docks for one consignment) but export licences for Landrovers/barbed wire/trip-flares would be routinely turned down as aiding a repressive regime in its activities....... :roll:

    A Moral Arms policy = in " she's a little bit pregnant " either fish or cut bait.....

    BTW, Sergey, you seem to be neglecting the definite article again....and what in Vladimir Ilyich's name is a "hawbuck" ?

    Le Chevre
  14. Are the Falklands in danger or is it just those pesky South Americans again they always seem to be a bit giddy.