Pres. Bush - Hero or Villain?

Pres. Bush - Hero or Villain?

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Initially I thought about learned mr.Blair. But the answer (in his case) is too obvious. Of course he is a hero.
Cant really decide ,My wife is from Texas and he is fondly know in our house as THE IDIOT
What would Jesus do? (or how would He vote?) 8O
OldTimer said:
There used to be a TV programme in UK about Bush and Bliar , it was called One Man and his Dog
Only fools and horses
Pinkie and the Brain?
CutLunchCommando said:
gallowglass said:
Pinkie and the Brain?
NARF! What will we do today Brain?
Plan to take over the world Pinkie! (ye gods, that's a little close to the bone...!)

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