Preppers. Useful knowledge or total fruitcakes?

Discussion in 'US' started by Dwarf, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. Reading my local paper in the wake of the latest school massacre in the US I came across this link.

    Piedmont Virginia Preppers

    Here we have a site for those who are preparing for the end of the world, or, probably better said, the end of society.
    So is this all useful gen? Or are they simply the side of the Yanks that makes us all shake our heads?
    I saw some of the information as potentially useful, but I would also love to be the fly on the wall at one of their meeting to observe the characters.

    Any thoughts gents? Does anyone know how widespread this tendency actually is? Should we adopt it over here? With the way Spanish politics and economy is going I'm off with the shovel to dig my bunker over christmas.

    I turn it over to you.
  2. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    I'm sure there are some who are merely being sensible by being a bit prepared with the odd can of soup in case the weather turns bad. However as anyone who watches Doomsday Preppers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia on Discovery Channel will know, there are also some complete fruit loops out there involved in this who really do seem to believe the zombie apocalypse is just round the corner. Mind you isn't the world supposed to end this week some time?
  3. I'm not worried my bunker is well stocked but a tad cold. It's not easy getting tinned bread, butter and jam.
  4. It's useful to know how to survive and have a basic store of equipment should you find yourself trapped in your home or in some other fairly regular (in some parts of the world) survival scenario - there's plenty of places in the world with pretty extreme weather, risk of natural disaster etc.

    Having a decent first aid kit, some kind of emergency food and water store, candles and matches somewhere safe is good planning if you live somewhere that you're likely to need them.

    Building a fallout shelter in your backyard, stockpiling a few hundred thousand 7.62mm, more weapons than Leeds Armouries, mil surplus CBRN suits and 10 years worth of Menu C because you think that zombies are about to attack is the sign of someone one minor disappointment from brassing up their local primary school.
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  5. I've just got ammunition and homebrew in, if it all goes tits I'll hunt down preppers for their stuff.
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  6. Not just in America mate.
    International Preppers Network • Portal
    I may have to buy another couple of thousand rounds of .22.
  7. Heavily armed unstable Americans.....

    What could possibly go wrong?
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  8. It is, you will understand their wisdom when you come to understand that Zombie is just a euphemism for "scrote bag", "pikey", unprepared grasshopper and anyone else who might disagree with you or who wants to take your food and equipment when they run out after a disaster/break down of society.

    *Note that 'disaster' and 'break down of society' are personally variable levels of perceived distress and discontent.
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  9. ******* reading this and mad max2 has just started.its an omen,we are fucked.
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  10. We don't tend to do that sort of thing here.
  11. Not something you see in Tesco, but Lighthouses used to have a stock of tinned flour in case bad weather prevented a resupply.
  12. There was one on Radio 4 on Saturday, he has a rover and trailer fully packed in the garage. He reckons he can get his family out on the road in 15 minutes. Sounded as though he had thought it through, ex SAS. But he did admit it had become a bit of an obsession for him.

    Preppers are mentioned in the science forum thread on Post apocolyptic technology.
  13. Ten man rat packs the way forward for you, and you get the good stuff, boilies and bacon grill, yum yum.
  14. I can understand preparing for bad weather etc if that is something reasonably likely where you live.

    However, those that appear on the Doomsday Preppers program seem to have the following in common:
    1. A predisposition to paranoia and/or OCD.
    2. A weapon fetish.
    3. They then discover an incredibly unlikely cataclysmic scenario that they poorly understand.
    4. They then sink thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars into buying and hoarding new property/vehicles/equipment/stores, allowing their fear to take over their lives.
    5. They then go onto television broadcasting their preps, whilst mainting that secrecy is paramount.

    Doesn't seem all that healthy. Watching the series is certainly mind opening to the kind of crazies that exist. My favourite episode so far was the fourth of the second series. A hilariously inept character was involved, and it all ended in tears (literally).

    Stream it here.
    Download Doomsday Preppers S02E04 The Time Reckoning HDTV XviD k3n mp4
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  15. So you think I should just dump the stuff at the local tip or sell it on eBay?