Preparing for the AOSB briefing

Hi, so I have just had my in person medical exam and the next stage is going to be the AOSB briefing. I'm not sure when this is yet but I think I know roughly what to expect. I have a few questions about it though:
My strength I think is quite high compared to what they are asking for so I'm not too worried about that but I can only do the 2.5km run in 12 mins at the moment, im still trying to get it below the 10:30 and that should take a couple months I'm guessing.

I'm right in saying that they use the bleep test instead at briefing and main board though right?

Also, I'm aware that I should be reading up on current affairs but that seems quite broad and I'm not sure how to tackle that, Is it more based on domestic or foreign issues? is it general current affairs like politics etc. or is it mostly military and defence orientated that they are looking for? Either way, any tips on what sorts of topics I should be reading about would be great because I'm very lost here?

Also, how did you guys prepare for the obstacle course? like what kind of exercises can I do at home and the gym that would help?

Finally, any general tips would be really appreciated

Thanks :)
If you’re struggling to improve your running, try doing some fartlek or interval training. Swimming will help your lungs too. Yes, it is a bleep test. Smash the phys - it’s an easy part of the selection process to impress on.

For starters, download the BBC news app and keep abreast of what’s on it. Regularly reading something like The Week, Private Eye, The Spectator or The Economist will stand you in good stead. Better still, get a subscription.

To build your military knowledge, there is plenty online.
Check this out: Who you should be following in the UK defence community
There’s loads out there of varying quality and biases and agendas but it’s all useful for building knowledge and understanding.

The obstacle course is more about displaying guts and determination when you’re knackered. Pull ups and box jumps are good prep for it.

I’d also suggest picking up some verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning exercise books to practice. Brush up on your GCSE Maths if it’s been a while too. Know your speed distance time equation. Have a go at some practice Planning Exercises too.

Finally, use the search function on here - there’s already oodles of excellent advice and experience worth trawling through.
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Get yourself a world map and confidently be able to point at country locations and capital and name capital cities.
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