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I am in my first year of sixth form and planning on joining the army as an officer when I complete my A levels. However, I am concerned that my interests and hobbies are not broad enough to give me a good chance of getting through even just the Potential Officers Course. I aim to join the infantry (paras) and so have been working on my fitness which is almost as good as it needs to be. As far as preparing for breifing and AOSB goes I should be fine as I am aware that knowledge on world affairs, politics, army history etc should be good, however my dad (ex soldier) keeps saying that I need to get involved in more things to give me a better chance of being successful in officer selection. I currently only play sports and none of them to a level that is impressive. The only new thing I can think of doing that would be relevant is to join the cadets and maybe my local TA regiment when I turn 17. Has anyone got any other ideas? They would be much appreciated.
Before other people start butting in about "learn to use search" - which is true, BTW, here's my advice: relax. Be yourself. If anything, try to ensure that you're always stimulated and using your brain. You can do that however you like. AOSB is all about confidence. Gnawing at your self esteem because you don't conform to some archetype will do you much greater harm than any particular extracurriculars you get from following that archetype will help you.

AOSB will test your brain - being an officer is about problem solving - and your confidence - because that's the basis for asserting yourself in a group. Getting there just happens. Don't force it. Find stuff that excites and that's challenging - whether it's becoming a historian or whatever you teenagers do these days...collect all the Pokemon cards!
The specific subject isn't important. Just challenge yourself. And enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it, dump it. That's how the Army works - the challenges are immense, but the rewards are too. Anyone who serves in the Army and doesn't enjoy the challenges doesn't last long. Think that way about everything you're doing right now. Follow this and when you get to the Army, you'll know whether it's truly for you, and not just something other people say is right for you.

So, you're bad at footie...

Do you enjoy it? Then persevere! Try to get better. Not getting any better? Doesn't matter. Keep trying. Learn that you'll lose and then pick yourself up again. You live life to its fullest when you know you're probably going to fail and still give it your all.

In a year or so, you'll get to Pre-AOSB. Chances are you'll fail. I did, back in the day. If you still think being an officer is right for you, you'll dust yourself off and keep at it. Have a backup plan, because all good officers and NCOs do (in my case, my wife's sister). Always keep going. Your biggest enemy is your own doubt.

Oh, and read a good paper or BBC news online :)
Yeah iv'e got bronze in it but no longer do it due to lack of commitment from other people at my school. I suppose I could probably carry it on in the cadets if I join. Thanks anyway unlucky_alf.
Concentrate on your A levels would be my top tip and fit in everything else around them. Your A level results will be with you for the rest of your life and you will need them to get a job either after the Army or instead of it if you are not successful at AOSB.

If you can fit in additional hobbies then travel, even just on holiday provided its not just a lager and sex holiday in Ibiza, and team sports will stand you in good stead.

Best of luck
Brace yourself and use plenty of KY.
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