Preparing for BARB test

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ITMatt, Feb 6, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Is there anyway to prepare for the BARB test?

    I was thinking about pulling out some old GCSE/A-levels revision books and buffing up on my English and maths skills.

    Would this help, or is the test different to how I picture it (algebra, geometry, etc)?

    Any help greatly welcomed!


  2. Didnt you get given the BARB test booklet ??

    It tells you everything you'll be tested on.

    To be honest i wouldnt bother revising anything for it, its not like you can fail?
  3. Just what I was about to say, you should have recieved a book from your ACIO- best bet is to go through the practice questions in there, and if you still aren't too confident after that then perhaps ask a friend/ family member to read through the questions and write you some new ones in the same fashion.
    If you were not given the booklet, then you should drop by your ACIO and ask for one- it will explain it very well.

    Bell559- Although very rare, it can be failed, I know of several people who failed to make the minimum score. If I were in ITMatts situation where the score you attain on a test could make a difference to your career prospects and job choices, I'd want to revise too.
  4. Unfortunately, I wasn't given a practice booklet.

    I will see if I can pick one up, as it would greatly help.
  5. its questions like: john is lighter then mike, who is the heaviest? and which is the odd one out? dog, cat, church.

    there are some pattern questions aswell.
  6. Sorry there .. didnt know that you could fail.

    To be honest i didnt really see the point in doing the BARB considering im joining the infantry.
    I scored a 71 (im pretty sure, if its stupidly low or amazingly high i may have just mixed the numbers up) but that hasnt changed anything to do with my application ?

    Ah well
  7. Well I am fooking stumped.... which one is it then?
  8. It's only a guess mind, but I think it's church cos it's got 6 letters and the others have only got three, but as I said , it's only a guess, I could be wrong.

  9. Good spot that man!
  10. Do I win?? And what's my prize??
  11. Soz mate, don't think your right.... good spot though, seeing the 5 letters and the others were 3... you keen eyed dealer of wisdom!!
  12. 5, surely you mean 6, is maths part of the BARB test??
  13. I scored 55 and was told once you get about 60 it makes no real diffrence anyway.
    the questions are not hard but it was the shape one's that took me longer,
    some people can just automatically see if they fit,
    its just all to do with how quick you can think more than anything else.
  14. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    It's cat. There is a connection between the other 2.

    Church - Vicar - cassock - dog collar - dog.

    See that was easy. Can I join the REME now.
  15. So I was wrong then??