"Prepare To Meet Thy Maker" The EOD Lonely Walk Photo...

i remember seeing this photo online a few years ago, and i also remember seeing it when i was a serving number 2 at girdwood in the early nineties...

it depicts, somewhat ironically, a number 1 approaching a suspect vehicle, and on the side of a house is a huge billboard with the words 'Prepare To Meet Thy Maker' on it!

does anyone know where i can download this photo, or can anyone who has it email me a copy?

thanks in advance from an ex-ammo tech

edit: i'm pretty sure this photo is floating about the felix center...
Photo is copywrite 321 EOD Sqn RLC. Some one there may be able to help.
"Prepare to meet thy God" - Amos 4:12.

On the Manor Street church - I am looking at a photo of it right now!!

321 PRI probably has more copies of the photo than it knows what to do with, so I suggest you make them an offer!

A copy is also on http://www.eod-solutions.com/eod.htm - so perhaps contact them.


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Quiz: But who was the EOD Operator?

Many claim to have been 'that man'. Initials only as answer please for OPSEC!

No prizes though.


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APFSDS - Happy to oblige.
It was pre 1990 when i was in WIS, I was told that it was my old boss from his EOD tour C***s H, I cant remember him denying it. It was round about that same time that his No2 allegedly blue tacked a parkway timer on the back of his helmet ticking down. He was a bit 'P'd off apparently.


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You win the coconut.
Ahh, but who was the No 2???

Small, Jock & Noisy perhaps..?
diplomat said:
You win the coconut.
He's the Ethnic Badger.

That parkway trick is dead funny, until someone else does it to you a couple of years later.

My No.2 also did the bunny ears thing on the EOD helmet. It didn't half hurt.

He told me later.
All kit, no common sense

What is it with the Septics having to put that b****y flag up everywhere and saying the pledge of allegiance everyday, what an insecure bunch.


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Seems rather a lot of kit to deal with a pipebomb!
diplomat, taff_man and some others here.

In reading your posts and comments it is VERY obvious, that you know nothing about EOD and even less about the typical equipment for a military or LE EOD operator.

The picture depicts a military EOD operator and was designed to honor all EOD Operators that have been severly wounded and/or KIA in both Iraq and Afganistan, while disarming IEDs, etc. I suggest that you look at losses for EOD people in all the military(s) that do that work in both of those areas.

Pipe Bomb my ARRSE! :roll:




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Trip Wire is obviously American! No sense of humour at all!


On behalf of Taffman and the others I will not dignify your response with details of our personal operational EOD experience, in many theatres, over many years - suffice to say that I would put my mortgage on it being many times greater than yours! They obviously don't emphasise the importance of sense of humour on morale and operational effectiveness at Eglin or Redstone anymore!
Small deviation. I found a very fine example of the LongWalk. It now seems to have disappeared. The one in the EOD firm brochure is very small, blurred and p. poor colour balance. Anyone get me back to the fine quality one please?
I attended what I think was first death in NI of an EOD. Orange Lodge near Lisburn. George Styles was the boss man. His oft repeated battles with the bloke who had a fixation for the Europa would make a superb film. For sheer guts, going back again and again into a deadly situation takes the biscuit. Anyone who does that deserves respect regardless of nationality or resources.

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