Prepare To Meet Thy God Photo

Does anyone know who holds the rights to this photo taken in NI? and whether or not prints are available?





Are you sure it's a photo? It looks like a painting to me when you look close up at details like the tops of buildings?
Thanks Smudge. Should have searched better myself.
All of the links from the old thread seem to be broken, except the link to the three grainy options in Smudge's first post above. I guess 11 Reg will be the best place to start unless anyone can find any working links that i may have missed?


The photo was part of a series taken by the Belfast EOD team at the time. The task in question turned out to be a 'false'.

As the Stats Cat at the time it was my job to review all photo's of the previous days jobs which were printed on contact prints and select the suitable ones for CATO to brief CLF with at the 0900 daily brief.

I spotted the photo, probably taken by one of the RCT drivers of the EOD Pigs (a guess by me) and got several printed. Whether it was part of a series of happy snaps or a deliberate composure I never found out. It was on 35mm film and most deinately not Photoshopped. For those in the know, the operator was I believe 'Spearchucker', but we are going back over 20years.
Bloody awesome photo. I'd love to see the original!


I think this is the original one.

Editted to add;
I think it is in Chris Ryder's book "A special kind of courage"
( But don't quote me on this)
That's a hell of a lot better than the badly PS'd jobs. It needs a touch of dodging & burning, otherwise it's fine and, more to the point, of the period.

Waaaaaayy too much salmon pink in the altered versions! :)


Book Reviewer
A copy of it appears in the CGS's review of Op Banner (which by weird coincidence I was reading a PDF of during this particular boring lunch hour....)

If you're super keen to find out PM me and I'll email you the PDF and you can look through the copyright statements etc to see if its any help?
HHH where did you get that jpeg from?? Can you post or PM linky please...

Walkyrie, PM sent.


The photo was taken by my Father, Bill "Mr Damage" Williams in 1987. It was only meant to be attached to "the daily entry" in to his tour diary. My mother has the original in 1 of her photo boxes. The guy in the suit is ATO "spear chucker" Chris Hodder QGM and it certainly was not a faked photo. There was a very real "job" in that van and that billboard was definitely there. It was indeed taken on a cheap pocket 35mm camera. I hope this clears things up a little.

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