Preparations for Election Night

Comfortable seat in front of TV...
2 bottles of vino tinto...
Nothing happening on Friday morning...
Soft fruit to throw at TV...
Newspaper with list of seats (yesterday's Independent)...
No champagne (don't want to tempt fate)...
Wife walked and fed...
Dog given placatory box of chocolates to excuse all-nighter...

Prediction - Labour majority of 40. Bliar packing his bags over the weekend.


Take the most recent NOP poll and a rough average of the YouGov and MORI polls. Lab 36, Tory 33, Lib 23. Type it in and this gives a Lab majority of 96.

If Lab lose 20 marginals (likely) in addition to the uniform swing, that gives them a majority of 56.

And I think everyone hates Bliar and Lab votes are less likely to turn out so I took off 16 (another 8 seats) out of badness! :twisted:
MrPVRd, I have similar plans tonight, except it's two buckshee bottles of Jacob's Creek from my last storming of the Pas de Calais. My only dilemma now is the classic curry or pizza?

Personally, one of the main reasons I enjoy news and current affairs so much is the standard of crumpet. For example, Julie Etchingham (Sky) is as fit as, well, phuck. That dark-haired bird on ITN is a goddess. And so on and so forth. Let's not even talk about the lovely Irish girl who does the weather on Sky, eh?

You can keep your Footballer's Wives and Hollyoaks's posh news crumpet for me. That and of course the bird with the improbably large jugs who does up houses on Channel 4. If they could only get her to read out the results for Somewhereshire North whilst mud-wrestling with Katie Derham!

Sorry to go off on a total tangent. Just another one of those little things that make Election Night so fun.

Going to the count at 09.30

Then win or lose, a massive booze up immediately afterwards.

Katie Derham - Ooooooooooooh God yes please.

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