Preparation for the weekend

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by one-flew-over, Feb 22, 2008.

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  1. I have been good. In order to maximise the enjoyment of the 3 matches in the 6 nations on Saturday I have been preparing all week. I have hit the gym6 of the last 7 days. I have eaten well and made sure I have my 5 veg etc. I have not drunk. I am ahead on my chores. :lol:

    Now for Saturday. I can afford to get in a good takeaway as I have not eaten crap. As I count the week starting on Saturday I have banked last weeks recommended 21 units and as Saturday starts afresh I have a maximum of 42 while staying in the recommended limit. I have ensured an invite round my mates who has stocked up on beer. I have nothing else to do. 8)

    I have a guilt free Saturday at no personal expense. Bonus. Unless the unthinkable happens and Scotland lose :x , it will be perfect.

    How have my fellow ARRSErs prepared for such a rugby fest????
  2. The benefits of military service - prior preparation etc etc.

    Nothing like getting the plan sorted out early eh? Good drills.



  3. Mates, you've not invited ARRSErs have you :?

    If you have, a larger quantity of alcoholic beverages may be the order of the day.
    Cover any expensive furniture with plastic sheeting, anti-spillage (and swamping)

    Anyway have a good day :D
  4. Good drills ....

    ....but I have also taken the added precaution of inviting 500 longbowmen to accompany the England team to Paris. After all it's worked in the past!

    Cry God for Harry etc..
  5. Sounds good. Have a good day, personally, I will be watching either at my pad or a nice lady's pad, no alcohol but hopefully plenty of other entertainment :eek: :eek:
  6. I am meeting up with the rugby team in Blackheath, drinking a few beers, then we're off into Greenwich in the evening for a round of Pub Golf. I will mostly be ill/sleeping on Sunday.

    If any Arrsers are around Greenwich on Saturday night watch out :)
  7. I will be mostly wearing green and pretending to understand what the instructors are talking about whilst wistfully wishing that i hadn't put my name down for this weekend.
  8. I'll be watching it all in my house in Germany - the beers are all in - in fact I'm having a training session now as I've been booze free all week :x

    Then saturday evening I'll go down the local german bar and get completely steaming ahead of sundays footie - cmon you spurs :D :D
  9. Preparation - Telling the wife 'We're going down to Cardiff on Saturday and you can see the daughter. Me and son are going to the pub, and you're driving home.' Job done! :D
  10. Beer has arrived, (top up what was already in) dinner is cooked, all ready for a day of rugby :D
    As for sunday, c'mon Chelsea. 8)
  11. Everton arent playing till monday so im playing it by ear this weekend 8)
  12. just getting my first taster in now,getting ready to celebrate wales,s third leg of their grand slam adventure!! :clap: :D
  13. I have a van load of beer and wine,and an invite to my mates boat in cheshire, there is the probability of female company,to get snacks,run out for more beer etc,and generally do as they are told. Thank God for submissive goth bints!
  14. I'm recovering after a busy week, heading off to Manchester on Monday to watch City hoop some scousers! :D
  15. why who else are playing? :D