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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Taff49, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Pah. I used to go Savoys, pull some German slag, fuck her til 0500hrs, be back for PT at 0600hrs and pass a PFT.

    100m?! 200m?!

    Try a mile and a half you lazy cunt.

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  2. Yeah, but did you do it with that rifle? Extra points for wooden furniture.
  3. I'm not as old as you cunts.
  4. Agreed - Although I like to vary between Savoys and Black and Whites. Better class of slag in Black and Whites.

    About Usain Bolt - Good Lad!
  5. We only went into B&Ws if we wanted to fight spics.
  6. Did your rifle have plastic furniture then
  7. You used to do a BFT with a rifle?? Whose f'kin Army were you in?
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  8. The Gongless one.. I did a BFT with a GPMG because the boss would say..."he may be thick but he can lift heavy things"
  9. We had polyprop chairs ;)
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  10. What's a BFT?
  11. Jesus wept!
  12. I used to do a BFT running backwards, not that I was super fit, I was shit scared of
    the SSM booting me up the arrse shouting " Gerra move on, you fat bwastard"

    He loved me really, the fit twat.
  13. Army? What is this army thing of which you speak?

    I used to show up for the mile and a half wearing a T-shirt with "Semi Annual PTI Job Justification Run" on it. They loved me...
  14. Me and wossname used to carry the ballista for seven days and not break sweat.
    Then we used to do something else.