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Prep for firing

Hi all,

I know it's in the cadet manual, but how many of you actually always prep the GP/LSW before firing blank or ball? I Know of an instant where this did not happen. Fortunately the weapon mis-fired. It transpired that the barrel was blocked.
weapon shouldn't have gone back in the armoury with a pull through up the spout. bad drills cowboys bad drills
We have been told to get all weapons that are going to be used for live firing, usually 6 in total, bore sighted prior to firing. This procedure usually ensures that nothing is where it shouldn't be, and we ensure that the weapons are in correct working order after re assembling them, obviously.
Bisley said:
I know it's in the cadet manual, but how many of you actually always prep the GP/LSW before firing blank or ball?
ALWAYS. And not just for the "solid objects left in barrel" reason.

That big cloud of blue smoke that comes after someone puts ball ammunition through an oily barrel is very bad for the rifle.... it means that you've just turned all the oil into gas instantly, and boosted the chamber pressure somewhat...
Regardles of wether its in the manual or not, I would always make sure that the rifle is in proper working order before firing, if the wepon had fired one of three thing could have happened.

The gas / round would have dislodged the pullthrough and flanette, and at the very worst screwed the rifling and made the wepon U/S

When firing any wepon the gas always takes the easiest route out of the chamber, usualy behined the round and up the barrel, if the barrel was blocked solid, it would have been enough to force the gas backwards, through the percussion cap, pushing the block back and partly reloading the wepon

The chamber explodes with all the obvious nasty results and no doubt lawsuites......

As for the oil comments above, yes, I never understand why people feel you must put half of the middle easts oil reserves down the barrel when cleaning..... Its called lightly oiling for a reason.....
I was not intending to be disengenuous by raising this topic. It has been suggested that this is not the appropriate forum. I concede that point.

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