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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Litotes, Apr 13, 2011.

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  1. I immediately thought of a previous thread on ARRSE which discussed the potential of huge returns from Premium Bonds when I found the envelope on the doormat. I ripped open the envelope to find a cheque for..... £25.

    Anyway, it is my first win in over a year - for which I am grateful, NS&I. Honest. Every little helps.

    My total return over >20 years is now 3.18% pa tax-free which is somewhat less than inflation. I am, therefore, single-handedly helping Gorgeous George the Chancellor to reduce the deficit.

    I know that if I sold them all I could massively improve on that return but a single win of £1000 would do wonders for the overall return. And I am diversified - I have spread my risk.

    So, my message is: by all means, buy some Premium Bonds, but don't expect them to make you rich.

  2. Granted - but over the 6 years or so that I've had my bonds I've made 12.5%pa. Luck of the draw I suppose?

  3. Why is there a "Like" button on that post but not an "Intensely Hate" button?


  4. Haha thought that Litotes as soon as I read that too. Jammy Smudge. ;)
  5. Luck certainly does come into it. Though I've not had a win for sometime now.
  6. Well just to add myown experience to this one....

    Bought my first 10 PBs in Blackpool on honeymoon in 1974... not a wing did they produce since!
    Got made redundant so had a few spare £ to spread about so bought 1000 PBs in 2005... not a wing did they produce either...until!!
    I was told about a web site called "Lost Bank Accounts dot com" (or something similar) in 2009. Had a look and submitted the forms ticking every box.
    Got a letter from NS&I wanting to confirm if I was who I said was - comleted it and replied.
    Got two letters telling me that I owned the £10 and the £1000 PBs and that nothing had been won and there was no outstanding uncollected winnings.
    The very next day - I mean the very next day - two letters arrive each with cheques for £25. One cheque from the £10 group of numbers and one cheque from the £1000 group of numbers.

    So how is it that after all these years - particularly for the first 10 PBs I get nothing then when someone does a wee inquiry into the NS&I computer out pops 2 x £25 cheques for yours truely??

    Co-incidence??? No I don't believe it!!

  7. I've won **** all here in ten years so there's your reason. Bugger.
  8. Somewhere I have about £10 worth that my grandmother bought for me back in the dim and distant past of the 1960s.

    Not one single penny of winnings in all that time.
  9. Grandparents bought me 5 when I was born in 1959. Nothing since.
  10. I wouldn't get your hopes up but does NS&I have your latest address? You should have a personal number from NS&I.

  11. I once leafed through about 15 encyclopaedia-sized books worth of Premium Bond numbers in the local Post Office in the hope that the fiver's worth my Old Dear purchased for me in 69 had come good. Not a sausage.
  12. I hold a small amount of bonds and my last win was some three years ago. However, in 16 years my winnings would probably have bought me a couple of packs of John Smith's, and some salted peanuts.
  13. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Current number of bonds in circulation approx 49,000,000 so your odds are 1 in 49,000,000 of winning. The lottery is about 1 in 15,000,000 but at least with PB's you can get your money back.
  14. You clearly don't know how the bond draw works, or your maths is appalling.
  15. Only if there is just one prize, per month.