Premiership Top 4 thread

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Oct 27, 2008.

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  1. okay, thought it would be mischievous to start a thread where only the top 4 (Champs League positions) clubs at the time can contribute :)

    so that means liverpool, chelski, the mighty Hull City and arsenal - at least until wednesday night lol

    manure can go and crayon on another thread until they manage to replicate the form of Hull City.

    (of course I will be spitting feathers in a couple of months when liverpool drop down to fifth due to fixture issues and delayed fixtures... but hey, it's only a giggle :) )
  2. Contribute to what exactly ??
  3. well, not a lot at the moment. just an arbitrary exclusive club merely for the sake of it. wait till pompey manage to squeeze into the top 4 for a few minutes after an early kick-off - then both fans will be clamouring to crayon on this thread :D

    anyway, if the table stayed like this... manure in the UEFA cup next season? :twisted:
  4. I have nothing of interest to say, I just felt the need to squeeze in a comment before Arsenal inevitably drop a few places.

    Erm, Man Utd suck donkeys balls.
  5. Do you mean Blackburn? Or are you talking so long ago no one cares?
  6. Succinct yet accurate (and diplomatic) as ever Mike.

    Has SLCC been enrolled to the Arse ladies youth system yet?
  7. arsenal fans, with a performance like that you had better crayon on this thread whilst you're still in the top 4 ;)
  8. Unlike last year when it was manure that bought the title?
  9. okay so we are now taking contributions from manure fans. from the lack of recent input, it seems that neither Hull City fan is in the army ;)
  10. Do one Skyblue, not that you're likely to try it anytime soon, eh? :roll:

    Edited for Monday Fat Fingers............