Premiership football predictions for 08

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by drain_sniffer, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. 1. After watching a re-run of the Munsters, Roman Abramovich realises he has employed Uncle Fester as his manager. within days, he goes to Portugal and begs Jose to come back

    2. The real Andrei Shevchenko returns from his 18 month sabbatical, and the look-a-like taxi driver from Walthamstow who has been playing in his place leaves

    3. Arsene Wenger admits finally that sometimes his players do naughty things and it is not everyone else's fault. Eboue starts a fight with himself in a toilet cubical and flushes his head down the toilet

    4. Sir Alex Ferguson is sacked after being found drunk - again

    5. Rafa Benitez names an unchanged side for 2 games running

    6. The FA suddenly realise that they are responsible for the game and grow some balls, develop a youth structure and invest in coaching

    7. All premier league clubs realise that the fans are what they are there for, and so limit ticket prices to a maximum of £20 per match. Terracing is re-introduced

    8. Ronaldo does a stepover too many, trips over a long blade of grass and shatters both his knee-caps. This proves a lesson to all players who "exaggerate" (by the way, how is Fabregas'es cheekbone, poor lad) and diving is driven from the game

    Any more?
  2. 9. Taz makes a sensible post in between all the dross football quotes about fans and football.
  3. At least what I wrote was realistic!!!

    PS Iron.......nice result against the Baggies :oops:
  4. More realistic then
    10. Newcastle United finally admit its not the managers fault (had some of the best over the years thats failed) there just not good enough.

    11. Derby win a game (Taboo does a naked lap of honour around Derby).

    12. They find out all the Liverpool players who had there houses burgled were doing a dodgy insurance scam (its in their blood).

    13. Joey Barton wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

    14. Scunthorpe United are beat by Nottingham Forest in the FA Cup final.
  5. Of course, north of the border, Rangers will be runners up AGAIN and Celtic will almost certainly be Champions, both domestically and in Europe!
  6. Oh, do behave. :roll:

    He hasn't got a sensible post in his body.
  7. 15. All footballers and football fans die.

  9. If DERBY COUNTY win a game of football i certainly would get naked and do a jig! :D

    The new manager as told them you need to except that you are going back down :(
  10. in 08 the English football league will be disbanded due to the word english being a lie also all football fans turn into lemmings and head for beachy head result think of the peace and quite no more shiteball.......ohh heaven and no you will never win another world cup cos your cheating overpaid crybaby tossers
  11. West Ham United win the Premiership :headbang:
  12. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Beuky learns how to use punctuation and how to stay out of threads where he has nothing useful to say. :roll:

    Can I have one for 09? Leeds Utd promoted back to the Premiership.
  13. A GANGSTAR “O” VICH looses all interest in football, throws his (crooked) money into Formula one. Chelsea plunge into administration and go back to being the small club that they have always been.

    Liverpool finally decide on a stadium design and start to build the new stadium they have been promising since Spartacus was a lad.
  14. He said predictions not f*cking miracles :roll:
  15. All Paras' realise that 5 Airborne is no more, and 16 is Air Assault and the future is air delivered troops by SH not AT :wink: