It would appear that the Fusball Premier League is either immune from the credit crunch or completely divorced from reality.
How is it, that in these bleak times, there is the current mad January scramble with clubs gambling to beat the drop or managers panic buying to avoid the chop, forking out obcene amounts of money in both transfer fees and wages on an assortment of fairly average players.
I give you the following few that are being touted around:
Jermaine Defoe - Another January, another club 15 Million for gods sake.
Scott Parker - Anyone who will pay him 100k a week
Pascal (Show me the money) Chimbonda - Biggest waster since Winstone Bogarde seen out his contract at Chelski.
El Haj Douf - Just baseball bat his legs and claim the insurance money, would save us from having to witness his eternal sneer.
Craig Bellamy - Needs a new city as he is banned from all the clubs and pubs for beating up the barmaids (Puff)
Don,t even get me started on Saint Michael friggin Owen. Needs to move closer to Betfred.
I could go on but the list would be endless.
defoe brought by Pompey for 7.5m last Jan...

Sold this Jan back for 15m!!


People stop going as tickets too high, stop paying sky subscriptions, foreigners owners get bored and pull out...

Then it will go tits up... in till then......
My team will never win the PL or even The Championship this season so why should i spend 30/40 quid to watch each game (thats just a ticket without the beer and food).

It needs to be made even, but to do that you would upset the "big clubs" who will then break away and set up elswhere. Football in this country for the average supporter is shite, im getting board with it. Our best league for competition is The Champ, our 2nd tier, says it all, i dont want my team to get promoted to the PL as it will be another season getting hammered by the big boys and piss taken by my Villa mates.

Oh and do you think Pompey will spend that 40 mill or thereabouts they now got in january??... will they fook!
According to the media Nigel Clough was getting paid £100,000 a year for being manager of non league Burton Albion. They're milking it at grass roots level too. Now he's expected to treble his earnings at Derby County. That's an impressive pay rise.
And what we would call an shite prem player is on 10k a week. Ronaldo on 120k...what do you think he does with it?...better still what could you do with 120k per week?...minus tax of corse.
carlbcfc said:
so why should i spend 30/40 quid to watch each game (thats just a ticket without the beer and food).
And you have only just realised?
msr said:
carlbcfc said:
so why should i spend 30/40 quid to watch each game (thats just a ticket without the beer and food).
And you have only just realised?
No, its been a few years since i been a regular with my team. When i go now its with the kids and thats a £100+ day that just aint possible on a regular basis.
Don't worry-the credit crunch will catch up with football.The only question is when.There's a programme-so I'm told =on the Beeb this week,where Robert Peston discusses the situation.One of the things about football ,that I have recently discovered,is that if professional clubs go into liquidation,all ''football' debts take precedence over all others(ie Taxman,Crown debt etc).That's extraordinary and needs changing.
With any luck most of the senior clubs will go bust and the way of Glossop of old enabling other clubs to rise to the top. Then we may have Aldershot v Accrington Stanley as Match Of The Day. It will be a lot more fun, and the pies will be cheaper and taste better.
BBC Scotland has been commenting on Rangers their top scorer Boyd might be off to Brimingham City and if it's not fixed or screwed to the wall at Ibrox it could be for sale so might hit sooner than you think. Plus the big teams might not be noticing it but you can be sure their sponsors are and what will happen once they pull the plug 8O
Boyd has joined my club Birmingham. Roman Abramovich has not had his checkbook out for a while ive noticed and seems very reluctant. Must be down to his last 7 billion the poor ****.

More Leeds United's on the way i hope, so something is done about it. Does the NBA have some sort of salary cap per team? Would that work in football?
My team plays in the Blue Square North and our Chairman has been under fire from supporters for many years for following a frugal path.

We were promoted to the BSP (old Vauxhall Conference) but due to bad signings and the Chairman not prepared to change his stance on finance we were relegated. However a number of BSP teams are now going belly up and putting all their teams up for sale - these are teams who are paying players well over the odds, even though wages are supposed to be capped. This trend is now happening in Blue Square North and South.

Personally I don't mind paying £10 to watch my team even though some say its too much but its infinitely cheaper than watching League football and the friendliness between supporters at this level is amazing. The football on display most times is good, too - clogging is virtually a thing of the past, although some teams still subscribe to that method.

The only drawback with my team is that the refreshments are abysmal. I've been to grounds where you can get a MUG of tea for £0.50 and a fantastic pie for a quid - quality indeed!

Who needs the Premier League or the Championship, eh??

PS We've just sold a player to Plymouth Argyle for a reported fee of £100,000 so we do have quality players at this level!
It costs me £16.45 to watch my team blackburn rovers, I still feel hard done by, That may have something to do with the shite on the field rather than the credit crunch though.