Premier Inns in UK, any good?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Batemans Bay, Jan 11, 2012.

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  1. G'day you blokes, new on here, done an intro. On 9 March we embark 'Arcadia' at Sydney to Southampton, 49 days via Asia/Africa to ye olde port of Southampton on 27 April. Once there renting a car from Thrifty, good price etc.

    OK, my query, Premier Inns in UK seem to have some reasonable deals and reviews on Tripadvisor, any of you blokes stayed in them, are they OK? I mean are they OK for the handbrake and I, we are not snobs, just a clean, comfy bed, hot shower, a good feed are fine.

    On our 3 weeks in UK post cruise intend to stay in inns, pubs, relatives, etc.

  2. My experience of PREMIER Inn is just what it says on the tin - clean, good facilities, no frills. I would recommend them as a place to stay. No connection.

    Edited to to wrong chain! Hence CAPS.
  3. Mate, I am referring to Premier Inns, I know about Holiday Inns, stayed in them in the US of A. (Land of Tipping/Land of the Free.):policecap:,
  4. There's your answer right there.
    I stayed at one so far and it was reasonable. Had everything we needed, was clean, service was fine, despite us being mongs and locking ourselves out of the room within minutes of arriving. heh
    We didn't eat there though, didn't go for the breaky either. We preferred to eat out for the same if not less money.

    While you travel the UK I recommend staying at as many private B&B's as possible, instead of proper hotels.
  5. DOH sorry! Same applies though!
  6. They're OK. Does what it says on the tin, clean, cheap (ish) handy etc. The only downside i'd say is if you've stayed in one you've stayed in them all. The menu etc is the same UK wide. Dont get me wrong it's edible but can get a bit tedious night after night. What route are you going to follow (roughly). I'm sure the lads on here could reccomend a few stop overs.
  7. Premier Inn's are normally very generic, but quite pleasant. Considerably better than Travelodges. Especially well worth it if you can prebook and get £29 mights. I recommend them, although I agree about the eating elsewhere bit.
  8. I've used them a few times when I've needed somewhere to nail a chick. Yeah, the ones I used were neat and tidy, and allways seem to be right next to some sort of pub.
  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    Premier Inn sit roughly between Travelodge & Holiday Inn Express.
    Almost always on the same site as pub serving food from the Whitbread stable, Premier is owned by Whitbread.
    I've used them over the years, not for a long stay but for convience when travelling.
    Clean, functional, budget hotel. I've never had any complaints.
  10. I have stayed in Premier Inn Luton a few times. Nice and clean. Always see the £29 deal advertised, but am sure there is a lot of small print. I paid about £79 a night. Would recommend you look at hotels in the area where you are going to stay and then look at reviews for them. If you can save money, you should.
  11. I'll throw my experience in. Like all chains there can be the ocassional issue but, as a rule they are basic, clean, comfortable, reasonably modern and conveniently located for travelling. Moderately priced. They are not "holiday" hotels, and are not ideal for staying more than one night (very limited facilities) but excellent for somewhere to stay overnight. The option to include breakfast (served in the attached pub/restaurant) is convenient and good value but, as others have said, might get a bit boring (but then again it is breakfast, how exciting do you need it to be?).
  12. Seems they are doing a deal at the moment - buy three nights,get one free!
    Great Night Giveaway

    And remember their guarantee - if you don't have a good nights sleep you don't pay for the room.
    Not that anyone would abuse that very generous offer.
  13. My best advice is that they can be reasonable - some with free breakfasts etc - but whatever you do, choose one that's not right next to the motorway. If you do, It'll either be too hot with the window closed, or to cool off the you open the window and listen to the joys of the M6 for the night.

    G'day mait.
  14. I've stayed at Premier Inn, South Wimbledon quite a few times. In-house restaurant is reasonable. Was woken at 05:00ish by milk deliveries and when I mentioned to reception was immediately fully refunded without asking. I'd certainly recommend it for your requirements.