Premature questioning on REME/avionics/life as one?

Discussion in 'REME' started by milo_1, Oct 4, 2010.

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  1. Self moved to the relevent top sticky seeing as I am unable to delete this thread myself.
  2. Milo

    Go to the REME Forum, loads in there, very top thread.
  3. I've spent the past 4 hours reading in the REME thread, some seriously useful info in there and I've just found answers for #2, and kind of #4...
    However #1 is'nt clear to me as of yet from what I have read, and nor is #3.
    I guess #3 could just be a personal preference, but I find a lot of civvy jobs are either just mentally challenging, or are physical with not much brain power needed.

    My current problem, is although I am 'only' 25, I am too much of an old git for the education system to help me out in the fact only now do I have the push for a decent career/knowing what I want.
    No, Im not here to abuse the 'free training'. I want to put as much effort into the job, which I feel I would thoroughly enjoy the challenges I would be enduring.

    I've done both types, but found I'd like a mix. I used to be a lithographic printer, and I am now currently a plasterer who has just finished some refurbishment work in Tidworth and Bulford Brrks.
    (which might I add, has fed me the thoughts of the career in the Army.)
  4. Questions 1 and 3 are only applicable to you. How the feck do we know if your gf can handle having a soldier boyfriend? If she can't aren't you going to join up? If thats the case then stop asking us questions now as you're obviously not cut out for this. I don't mean that as an ill informed jibe, its from plenty of experience of watching peers and then lads Ive been the Tiffy to to lads I've taken through training. If its about you and a chick forget it, this is a calling.
    If you are bright then it doesnt matter how old you are. I had blokes go through SEAE in basic only about 4 years younger than me as the ASM. Age doesn't limit you, personality does. If you think you're too bright for it and question everything because you're older and have seen more then again you'll struggle.
    Hope this helps. I'd suggest posting any more questions on the Avionics/Electronics sticky at the top or even if the Mods could merge threads?
  5. Thanks for the reply sparky, it was helpful and appreciated. Although, as I mentioned previously, it seems I did not quite word it correctly about the gf situation.
    Trying again, I meant I know that certain job roles make having a relationship near impossible. Is this one of them?
    I wouldnt be stopping the choice of joining up to keep the gf, more to the point of the other way round.

    As for your response to #3, again, I screwed up in the wording... What do you feel you get from the job you do? In what way is it rewarding to you? In hearing what others feel they get from it, I can get an objective view to (at a very basic level) understand something of which I have not had an experience in.

    p.s. If this thread needs to be moved, please do, and I apologise for putting it in the wrong place(?).
  6. Milo, i must point out Sparky is a Tech spanka and made ASM at the age of 24, nearly 3 years after joining, a year behind the rest of his classmates. He looks older because he isn't fast enough on the rugby pitch, so has taken a few knocks.

    As for all the references to Warhammer in the tech trades, there is no smoke without a fire.

    And with regards to some trades affecting relationships, don't worry no techs have any kind of realationships, and you won't be expected to form any,well off line real time relationships anyway. LARP friends don't really count, it is just a loose grouping of similarly lonely and sad people.

    All the best.
  7. Oh no, I'm starting basic on 27th November for my route into becoming an Av Tech.