Premature birth and birth defects

Hello everyone, as you may remember a while ago there was a story in the tabloids about an unusually high occurence of premature birth and miscarriages is service families, where a member of the family had been deployed on TELIC 1. The was lots of speculation as to the cause of this ranging from anthrax injections through to DU poisoning. Then the story seemed to fade away.
My wife and I also lost our daughter in similar circumstances and it has never been fully understood why it happened. The best the hospital can come up with is "it is just one of them things that sometimes happens".
When i ask my medical centre I just get fobbed off with sloping shoulders. I have requested DU testing at least 5 times and not one of the staff knows how to go about it. Its coming up to 2 years now and im still no closer to getting it done. I thought I might have been a priority as i spent weeks on end clearing bombed out Iraqi tanks and APCs that had been hit by DU rounds.
If anyone can point me in the right direction i would really appreciate it. Also if anyone is officially investigating these occurences i would like to know how to get in touch with them, thankyou.
Hope you get your answers, and soon. I also remember the questionairre that went around asking about birth defects etc and never got to see any results or even that mine had been received. Call me cynical, but I am now wonering whether it was a "lets send out a questionairre to show we care & promptly forget all about it", or just plain swamped & couldn't reply scenario! :oops:

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