Preloaded cash card for the USA

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Timble, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Ladies & Gents of ARRSE,

    I'm off to The US (Vegas) later in the year for a mates stag do. I vaguely remember being told about some kind of preloaded cash card that is accepted everywhere, so I don't have to carry round bundles of cash, or face the fees that my UK credit/debit cards would impose.

    Anyone know of it, and care to furnish me with the details?


  2. Avoid. I. Took one to New York last Christmas and after being promised it was accepted everywhere, and would be a lot better than travellers cheques, found that in both cases it wasn't. Would never use one again, stick to the cheques...

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  3. I used one from Thomas Cook, pre-loaded with dollars, think it was a MasterCard. Accepted everywhere from Vegas to Washington
  4. Or, if you like you could just send your cash straight to me... I'll convert it for you, for a small fee, and have a nice shiny card waiting for you at the airport in Vegas with the limo driver.
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  5. I used a prepaid mastercard, got it online in the UK. It was even accepted to pay a deposit on a rental car which supprised me. They do charge a little per transaction tho coupled with the fee at almost every American ATM it will cost you.. I bank with Nationwide & have used my debit card there alot too. The charges was,nt that bad either.
  6. OHHH... top tip.. book your flight with a prepay as they cant charge you a credit card/internet booking fee either.
  7. Flights already booked, unfortunately! Thanks for all the advice - the MasterCard one was the one I'd been told about. Drain Sniffer - did you use te MasterCard or another type?
  9. It was a card supplied by Thomas Cook, backed by master card I believe. Found I had charges when using an ATM and some places wouldn't use it. I didn't like it and have been back to the states a few times since, and will always use travellers cheques,

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  10. go most years for hols - I normally only take a small amount of cash for tips & snacks ($300 or so) - EVERYTHING else goes on the credit card (affiliated to mastercard) - exchanged at "todays" rate & no charges or fees
  11. Used one when i went to the land of the big PX (fLORIDA) last year, no dramas. If you need some cash dont use ATM as you will be charged. When you next buy something ask for cashback then you wont be charged. Oh and dont forget to ask for 'Do you do military discount'.
  12. The mastercard one is good. Used it in Florida last year with not a single problem. However i have used my Abbey Visa Debit all over the states for years without a single problem.

    And as above....always ask for military discount.
  13. I use this for the lad that does our key holding and alarm response, theres enough on it for a full tank and a brew and scran if he's out for the long term, good and handy bit of kit, its gold as well so if you have dramas pulling you can flash it about just like a TA person does with a forces I.D. card :)
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  14. I got a pre-paid card from the post office last year for a New York trip.
    Had no problems at all with it. Very handy to top it up a bit at a time online so theres never too much on it just in case.