Pregnant widow flogged and shot dead by the Taleban

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Spot_the_Dog, Aug 10, 2010.

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  1. Pregnant widow flogged and shot dead by the Taleban

    From The Times - full access by subscription only these days. Monday, 9 August 2010.

    Three Taleban mullahs condemned a pregnant widow to be flogged and shot in public, in a remote part of western Afghanistan on Sunday, after convicting her of having an affair. Mullah Daoud, a senior Taleban commander contacted by this newspaper, said that he sat on the panel of three judges which reached the decision, in an area of Badghis province firmly under militant control.

    “There were three mullahs that passed this verdict. I was one of them,” he said. “We gave this decision so that in future no one should have these illegal affairs. She had an illegal relationship with a man who was not her husband. Her husband died many years before. Then she became pregnant. So, according to Islam, we gave her a very strong punishment. It was more than 200 lashes. We whipped her in front of all the local people, to show them an example. Then we shot her. The other Taleban judges were Mullah Noorullah, Mullah Jahangir. There were other Taleban there, but there were only three commanders. Mullah Noorullah is the overall commander in Badghis.”

    Afghan police said that the woman’s body was later dumped in an area under government control. “She was shot in the head in public while she was still pregnant,” Ghulam Mohammad Sayeedi, the deputy police chief in Badghis, said.

    Mullah Daoud said that elders in Quds district approached the insurgents when the woman became pregnant, many years after her husband had died. Police named her as Bibi Sanubar. Reports of her age ranged from 35 to 45.

    The head of security in Badghis province, General Abdul Jabar, condemned the attack, although he said that police were now hunting the man who made her pregnant. He did not say whether they were searching for the Taleban mullahs, or the many witnesses to Sunday’s execution. “This was not the way she should have been punished,” General Jabar said. “She should have been arrested and we should have had proof that she’d had an illegal affair. Then she should come to court and face justice".
  2. Then she should come to court and face justice

    I'm guessing a guilty verdict by the Afghan courts would be followed by a stoning? What exactly are we fighting this war for?
  3. Oil and gas....
  4. "Slope savages"
  5. At lest the CSA won't be after the fella now, every cloud...
  6. Whats with this increase in taliban horror dits, is it silly season, is it journos bandwagonning off each other or is this (tin foil hat on) some sort of drip feeding into the media part of some sort of conditioning in preparartion for A. Leaving. B. Staying on longer
  7. islam/muslims, stone age extremists
  8. Looking at the comments by both terry and the head of security it's a compelling reason just to pull out and drop buckets of instant sunshine all over followed by some blanket bombing just to make sure we haven't missed any
  9. Or to just leave them too it. That way in 800 years when we're living in our utopian paradise, flying around in our Hoverpants with robots to do all our work for us, they will be discussing hybrid cars rather than which boy they'd most like to ****.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Now you're just talking silly. There won't be hybrid cars in 800 years time! Would hoverpants vibrate, much?
  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Why is this 'news'? I would have thought it was business as usual, just another example of Islam in action.
  12. We should embrace diversity and the the multicultural richness these 4th world savages bring to our lives…
  13. Gets my vote.
  14. Doesn't work though does it. I mean, the last stoning didn't stop this woman doing what she did. And the one before that, and the one before that...

    Ho hum.
  15. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    To be fair though, none of those who got stoned (or lashed and shot) have reoffended. What I'd like to know is, what the hell did she think she was playing at? After all, her hubby was dead, not divorced!