Pregnant - when should I inform my TA unit?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by W1234567, May 5, 2012.

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  1. Hi, thank you for taking the time to read this.

    I am currently 7 weeks pregnant... when should I inform my TA unit?
    Is it best to wait till after the 12 week?

    Also does anyone know how this will affect my training (I am AGC), as I'd still like to persue my TA "career" even after the baby is born.

    Thanks for your help.

    Pte W1234567
  2. Inform now
  3. FFS!

    Why do people feel the need to ask the most stupid questions on here? There was a time when people would have looked up information and thought about it for themselves. Now they just fire up their laptop and ask a bunch of random wierdos.

    Think about it and then answer your own question.
  4. How on earth did it happen?
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  5. Not a great deal. Lying down a lot, eating badly, taking it easy and putting on weight, is pretty much a trade requisite.
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  6. I don't know what the DS answer is but I'd tell them sharpish as it would affect H&S especially with physical activity (said with PTI head on). I imagine a temporary medical downgrade is on the cards so that would cover that. The clerk at my last unit was pregnant and still done her bit till quite late if I remember correctly and she came back after.

    Remember, telling your unit doesn't have to be a massive song and dance if you don't want it to. A quiet word in confidence with your OC should do the trick and he'll be in a position to advise you as to what you should do next.
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  7. Congratulations...............however you are in the very, very early stages of pregnancy and apart from those who you are very close to, I'd be inclined to say nothing until after 12 weeks.
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  8. 5 minutes before, and instead of, your opening post on this thread.

    Legs' post #3 is spot on.

    From here on in, you've nobody to blame but yourself for what you get on this thread.
  9. Just drop the information casually into the conversation. I'm sure most of your male colleagues will take the news well.
  10. So which married member of your unit is the father then?
  11. [/h]Should you at least try to narrow it down a bit?

    Tell you CoC NOW. But don't spread it around too much. As mentioned above don't tell anyone till you're 12 weeks.
  12. For fucks sake, its only the stabs. Just let them know you are up the duff sharpish. What are you worried about?
  13. Indeed. It's not like you're in the ACF.
  14. I am sorry that you find my question stupid, I did search the forums on here for topics about pregnancy, I have googled it, and searched the army website but didn't really find an official answer.

    I have thought about it and came to two conclusions... either inform someone in the CoC now, incase there are activities I should not be doing ... or wait till after 12 weeks when I should have seen the midwife and the risk of miscarriage after this point is lower. I just thought someone on here would know what the offical policy is, or at least where to find it.