Pregnant Soldiers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by polar, Jun 14, 2004.

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  2. Well good.

    Pregnant women shouldn't be going off to fight wars anyway.

    Dopey mares
  3. The MOD should pregnancy test all women deploying to Iraq (Why on earth are women being sent to the front line anyway?!)
    Any woman subsequently found to be pregnant in a theatre of war should be put on a charge for willful disregard for the continuity of their role.
    Make them pay their own fare home as well. :roll:
  4. I wonder how many of thoses will be quietly made redundent?
  5. Wonder if any got up the dove to ensure a speedy ticket home?
  6. what do you reckon!!!!
    like all the ones who used it as an excuse to get discharged , then jumped straight to the front of the compensation queue.
  7. No offence to any ladies, as I am one meself....but why the feck do they bother joining the Army if all they are going to do is use their gender to get our of duties!

    If they don't want to go to shitty places where wars are happening then don't sign up for the forces!

    Me personally, I'm a civvy and I will happily admit I'm a chicken and never want to be anywhere near somewhere like Iraq. (Even without the war!)
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    So this doesn't appeal little lady:

    Banking Business Analyst Contract in Saudi Arabia


    we have a 12mth + contract in Saudi with a premiere banking group. they require an experienced BA to assist them in the investment asset area; speciafically , equity, debt and derivatives. they have asked us to identify candidates that have a strong background in this area and who have been around the banking sector for atleast 6-7 years. The basis for this contract is a 12 months fixed term agreement. as such you would receive a mthly salary in the region of US 8-10,000 + accomm, health cover and flights. obviously monies paid in Saudi are free of local tax and the position is based in Riyad.
    Location Saudi Arabia
    Country Saudi Arabia
    Start Date July
    Duration 12 months +
    Agency Triage - Contracts
    Contact Mark Greenwood
    Telephone +44 (0) 208 290 8035
    Web Link
  9. Dahling...for 8-10k per annum, no thanks, bliddy cheapskates.

    Apart from the fact I work in Marketing and know feck all about banking, I wouldn't work in Saudi because, although the year round tan would be great - I really don't want to get blown up or shot at just yet.

    But thanks for the offer.

  10. Look again $8-10k per month silly!! :lol:
  11. The report does say:

    Those that fall pregnant whilst on deployment need to question their professionalism.

    Give your head a shake, ever heard of victimisation? Whilst pregnancy is not a crime, not all female soldiers are irresponsible and require the MOD to keep tabs on their sex life!

    Does that include their male counterpart....whats that about taking two to tango?

    Because a lifetime of screaming, ungreatful snot goblins is alot easier than 6 months in the sand. :? :roll:

    Women get pregnant fact, get over it. Whether you agree or disagree, you cannot discriminate against it and whilst females are permited to serve, allowences/provisions must be made to compensate for it, as in any civi job.
  12. Mr Happy

    My apologies young man! It would seem that while I know nothing about banking, I also cannot read!

    Even so, I wouldn't got here for all the money in the world. Why don't you apply? lol
  13. But Cait...surely if these women expect the same rights as they could receive on civvy street...they should BE on civvy street.

    Why join the armed forces and then be surprised when they get treated as soldiers?

    Give it a few years after all the bleddin heart pc brigade get on the case and we'll be having mobilised creche's on the frontline....give the yanks something to accidently bomb i suppose!
  14. No. Why shouldnt a soldier be entitled to the same employment rights as civillians?

    Who's complaining about their treatment? Like i said women get pregnant - fact and whilst they are permitted to serve allowences must be made for common sense reasons.

    As for mobilized creches - we already have them, although they're more commonly refered to as RSIGs Dets. :lol: :lol:
  15. There is no other option. Look at the list below:

    1. No women in the UK Armed Forces. The genie is out of the bottle, whatever people think. Most women I have worked with have been OK, there have been a few that don't pull their weight but I have known a few blokes that are guilty of this.

    2. Kick em out when they get hitched. Human Rights Act may not allow this, and the loss of experience would be damaging.

    3. Kick em out if they get "up the duff". See 2 above.

    4. No-pregnancy clause. Wouldn't be worth the legal paper it was printed on. Why stop there, why not sterilise them or implant long-term contraceptives or place "sh#gging alarms" in their bedrooms!

    5. Intelligent personnel management, with enough personnel for career breaks and family support such as day care. This is the MOD, that wouldn't spend a single penny today even if it would have to pay one million pennies tomorrow in compensation!

    6. Make the best of what we've got. Cover for those on maternity leave, picking up detachments and duties thinking "wait until it's my turn" whilst scratching one's b#lls. Hmm, something wrong there. Only option other than...

    7. PVR and work for an employer that gives a sh!t and will provide staff cover for maternity time! This is my choice!