Pregnancy is a crime in American army

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Dec 23, 2009.

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  2. Quite right, it is a self inflicted injury
  3. Makes a lot of sense
  4. Been done.
  5. It should be a crime in Burnley, Todmorden and Halifax as well, the perpetrators should have a large red 'P' pasted on their foreheads and be made to do crunchies on a cobble path until the offending object is queefed out
  6. Not self inflicted, mind you I had been told to go f*ck myself once
  7. Re a previous article on here about some of our ladies (that term used in the sense of not really) who go on op tours, only to be sent home for being preggers, to my mind, if they get in the family way on tour, then a charge should be created for doing so.

    Self inflicted, to the degree of they opened up and allowed it to happen to get out of the tour, but, surely it is an easy option to get out of a 6 monther?

    It is a good option for not fulfilling a tour, but none the less, its a cheap out regardless.

    Charge the slags, thats what I say.
  8. Don't forget our american cousins quite often do tours in excess of 12 months. If some bint finds out she is 3 months preggers, 6 months into a tour, she was clearly doing something prohibited. Strangely though the same also applies to looking at porn, drinking anything with a hint of alcohol, not believing in god (anecdotal evidence) or showing human tendencies not approved by the chain of command.
  9. Hahaha! Thats a keeper. :D
  10. PC brigade got the General

    Democratic Senators Barbara Boxer, Barbara Mikulski, Jeanne Shaheen and Kirsten Gillibrand sent the followingto Army Secretary McHugh:

    “This policy could encourage female soldiers to delay seeking critical medical care with potentially serious consequences for mother and child,” the senators wrote in a letter to McHugh. “We can think of no greater deterrent to women contemplating a military career than the image of a pregnant woman being severely punished simply for conceiving a child. This defies comprehension.”

    So now the US Army policy will be decided by rabid post menopausel hippies who've never served but think this is a strike for Womyns frredom.
  11. Whilst i can see the logic behind making pregnancy an offence, i really don't think it will work as well as expected. No contraception is 100% effective.
  12. I had a Kid in My platoon get notifed by the Corps postal rep that he could face UCMJ action if he recieved further packages from the USA with Spam cans in them. Didnt matter that you can get Spam in the PX at Victory, get Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Pork Chops in the Messhall, now you could be held criminally responsible if a Civvie sends you spam :roll:

  13. Abstinence is almost 100% effective. In fact the last suspected case of a woman who was abstaining getting pregnant was over 2000 years ago!!

  14. At the risk of having completely missed something here, what is the issue with Spam?

  15. Most likely muslims having a whinge. Despite, as Goldbricker pointed out, such items are freely available in the px.

    I was overseas during Ramadan, and the British mess in kaf served some variation of pig every day. Made I larf.

    I daresay that postal rep needs a quiet kick in the arse.