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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by down_under, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. What is the criteria for a Corps or Regiment to receive the prefix "Royal"? Does the unit have to be "blooded" in a operational theatre? :thumright:
  2. Nothing to do with being "blooded" mate, but I'll tell you that the finest Regiment in the Army - The Duke of Wellington's Regiment had no Royal ties, being the last and only Regiment to have a commoner as its Colonel-in-Chief - His Grace, The Duke of Wellington.
    As as former member of the Dukes therefore and by no means an expert on Royal ties to the Army, I'd say that's where the Royal comes from - whether or not there's a Royal as a figure head.
  3. No... it needs to have an inferiority complex or be amalgamated... and thus need a morale boost.

    (How did the Royal Rifles get away with that one?)
  4. The Royal Parachute Regiment sounds way to cool! Hence just 'The Paras'.........
  5. Ohh and the Royal Blues and Royals
  6. His Dad was the Earl of Mornington! and his brother was the Governor of India... His commision cost him more than you will see in a lifetime. So apart from being born in Bog-land he was about as common as Fortnum & Masons!

    And what about the Prince of Wales Own Regiment? for example.

    But as for being bloodied... there must be some truth in that. The Royal Postal and Courier Service lost tons of letters in WW1.
  7. Aaaah, understood. Cheers
  8. It is usually the perogative of the reigning monarch to bestow the prefix "Royal" on a regiment. The Berkshire Regiment became "Royal" in 1885 for their conduct at the Battle of Tofrek against the Dervishes ( they held the line when several Indian regiments were over-run ). For their conduct in all theatres during the Great War, the Norfolk Regiment, the Northumberland Fusiliers, and the Buffs (East Kent Regiment ) all were granted the prefix. Subsequently after WW2 the Lincolns, the Leicesters, and the Pioneer Corp all received the accolade.

    Also several regiments were "Royal" without the prefix. The King's Rgt.(Liverpool) , KOSB, KOYLI, KSLI, and the QO Cameron Hldrs.
  9. :frustrated: sorry forgot the Hampshire Rgt. became Royal after WW2 also........sorry
  10. You must have been gutted on amalgamation with the Howards..... Green Wellies anybody! :headbang:

    I'll get my coat!
  11. Glad to be away from the Yorkshire Regt stuff. Quite how the GH mafia have been allowed to get away with all of their paraphernalia being carried over I’ll never know.
    And the nicked one of our VCs!
    All thanks to King Tony and old wrinkly face Jacko..
    Come the revolution.