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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Mar 27, 2006.

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  1. thought that we needed a new thread in the forum so scratched me thick heed & came up with this.

    has ANYONE ever got first choice on a preference of posting sheet or is it just me :?: :?:

    i remember putting 35 engr regt, previous unit, as first choice after passing my a2, sat in the little cinema bit at brompton awaiting being told where we were going................................38 berlin fd sqn..........i did not complain mind you.

    but its been like that for the past 20 years for me, even in this post i am in now (op cygnet) raf camp, i never asked for it i had asked to go back to ripon when i was told that 4+ years was a bit too long in antrim, cnuts.

    anyone lese suffered similar experiences :?: :?:
  2. Nope never got where I wanted in 12 years so far and can't get out of Antrim for love nor money :(
  3. when did you get there fella??
  4. hahah I put down maidstone and my room mate put down Hohne as his dad was still in and working there, they must have got our sheets mixed up because we got the exact oppersite we tried to swap but they would have it!

    but looking back now I'm glad or I would never would have got to abuse chinney, ronnie or franky!!
  5. Have only got where I wanted once. On one of my Preference of Posting forms I put down 1) Anywhere in Germany 2) Anywhere in NI 3) Tidworth...

    They sent me to Ripon. Would have be bad enough if Ripon was an unpopular posting but half the Corps are hanging out to get up there so I can only conclude that Manning and Records really are taking the pish!
  6. first off asked for germany,germany,germany got tidworth??? asked for 35 and after 2 bottles of wine the clerk at chatham(on my a1 at the time) got me 35 got posted to chilwell (asked for it) went to the medics as a trade posting (again asked for it) then germany which id asked for now antrim i had asked for an extension but hey you win some you lose some so records do occaisionally look at what you want but remember its "All about the big picture!"
  7. Been here since 2003 and it's the pits - makes Grimbish look good and that's saying something 8O

    Shame the picture is drawn by civvy chicks (desk clerks) who don't have a scoobies :(
  8. Cooperman wrote

    you must have been there when i was still there, left in 2004.
  9. Yep would've been. I was probably the Flunkey bitch then - 9 months doing that sh*t. Still in 33 now :evil:
  10. It's like a bloody Antrim Reunion on here!!!
    I left in February last year, for good old civvie street! Never looked back! lol
  11. Shame the picture is drawn by civvy chicks (desk clerks) who don't have a scoobies :([/quote]

    with crayons and fat fingers
  12. with crayons and fat fingers[/quote]is someone a bit bitter??
  13. Thats cos you never looked forward in the army you mong!!
  14. is someone a bit bitter??[/quote]

    not really bitter just still waiting now for the next board before i can move
  15. nah............. i have to agree that someone in glasgow must be having a feckin right "giraffe" with some of the postings they dish out to lads