Pref postings - Do they really matter

Discussion in 'REME' started by Crazy_cellar_dweller, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone got inside information for pref postings?. Mine seem to have no influence on where I get posted. Asked for Germany got UK, asked to stay in UK sent to Germany, now as I want to stay in Germany got a posting order for the UK.
  2. Same here, asked for UK got Germany (to 'expand my horizons and expectations'), asked to stay in Germany and got Ireland, got lucky enough to be sent back to Germany again and then off to London (we've all got to do our turn, apparently). I don't care nowadays, I just put Cyprus, Canada and Norway and keep my boxes packed.
  3. Just keep putting the PPP's in and you will finally get what you ask for. Ive had nine postings to where I want but this one wasnt what I really wanted but was my third choice and general location. Years ago when I got Cyprus quite a few people said it wasnt fair that they didnt get that kind of posting and they didnt bother putting it down because its a waste of time.
    If your not in it you wont win it.
    On the whole though I stayed in Germany when I wanted to and postings to UK and Cyprus when I put them down.

    Unfortunately not as many posts in Germany anymore especially with Traz and 1 Bn moving.
  4. Nope, utter bollocks.

    Some women/bloke in Glasgow matches LSN/JPA equivelent and does it. :twisted:
  5. Pref Postings - you've got to be in it to win it. Have one in to where you'd REALLY like to go, if you want Canada, put it down.


    It's worth doing some homework for records, if you can come to an arrangement with someone of an equal pos'n or appt you have nothing to lose.Plus it saves them a job.

    Badger your OC. But don't steal his thunder by ringing records direct, or make sure he doesn't find out!

    Be careful though, you might get what you ask for and be massively disappointed, be sure you know what the unit you are going to are all about, or not!!
  6. This PPP must be wonderful . It wasn't working when I was in which could explain me getting rubbish postings like Cyprus , Singapore, Hong Kong and Glasgow.
  7. They are a total waste of time. I used to ask for north of England, for about 8 years. I first started asking after 7 years in BAOR. Got Bordon, then Bulford, mind I did get a north posting after them, like I said after about 8 years of asking, but like I say, I probably just got lucky for once.
    However the main problem I have with it all was the reason that I could not got north post when I asked was that "everyone wants to go up north and there are not enough posts", low and behold, when I fanally get there find about 5-6 of the pers there wanted down south or BAOR.....
  8. Now on my 8th and probably last posting (unless i get v-eng) and every one has been on my PPP. I've always put in a new ppp every year and then 6 months before I'm due posting, phoned up units and asked when there is a vacancy. Then put it as my 1st choice on my PPP. A lot of people complain about their postings and when you ask them what was on their latest PPP, they haven't even sent one to records.
  9. Its not the place but the people that make a good posting. What you need is a crystal ball.
  10. I just rang records and asked, no problem what so ever. Come the next Monday a E mail (JPA change over) saying i was posted, not to sure about my next one as theres no JPA where i am so it look slike another phone call will have to be made.
  11. if you are at the bottom, the all important, half of the food chain and are not to unit persific. they will accomadate you. watch your end of tour date, use ppp and use the c of c and rcmo. if you are up the top and a less popular trade, as above and fight like mad.
    personally got what i wanted and got stitched up, win some lose some?
  12. JPA in now

    Pref of posting now just a waste of time and paper.

    Just like its always been.

    A retention tool to keep soldiers focussed on the future?

    "Tidworth's arrse, but on my POP lve put Cyprus..." and on we go
  13. jpa? just a posting arrangment? or does it stink of another IT system. are the clerks being assimulated to their computers?
  14. Ugh, PPP's. Bane of my fcuking life amongst other things. Got BFG when I asked for it once in 2001. Been at the whim of MCM Div before and since. Having said that, I know it's difficult to control the brownian motion of 9000 Reem's in the system but don't tell me to put a PPP in and expect the right country never mind area.

    Utterly, utterly.......guess what comes next?
  15. hey zip tie, sorry to hear you r having a bad time in the triangle. i am in a triangle myself, the isosceles fallingbostel.
    i am battling on mate hope your luck improves.