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Ive just picked up and am due posting, currently down for 2 Bn who I know are going afghan in Sept next year, but Ive been warned off the place, was wondering if anyone knows who else is going out to Afghan at the same time that it would be worth trying to get posted to? I only ask as im currently on tour until April, I also can no longer find the posting plot on DII for some reason, so its a struggle to get information. Im a MTSM. Thanks in advance for any info!


Mate, with Tranche 3A in the pipeline, I wouldn't get too hopeful of any requests being acknowledged favourably at Glasgow right about now. Chances are wherever you go there will still be plenty of opportunity for Ops. I wouldn't worry too much either about being warned off one particular unit or another - the postings tend to be what you make of them. I know that's an age old cliche but its true in most cases, it's all about the people you serve with and for.

Either way, I hope you get what you want and enjoy your next job. Good luck.
2CS Bn is fine as Battalions go - are you JNCO or SNCO? Mind you, Fally itself is a bit lame, but the bigger cities are within easy reach.
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