Predictions for the day.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. 1. Foreignculture and SuperMong1966 will get their own arrses seen to them.

    2. Guru, Stressy and Toppers will see their arrses on the non-believers in the motorbike thread.

    3. Disco, Forastero and Sixty will ban at least 3 sockpuppets. Each.

    4. Bickies will have someone off in an RMP thread and they will get all precious and he will just laugh at them.

    5. Big J will keep fighting for the right to party. (Song in my head). I mean, the Striking Thread, where Mac UK will, at some stage, post a comment. I know you're dying to do it Mackeroonie.

    6. The Dads will fix chat. (I can live in hope).

    7. B and T will NOT post porn or have a wank (I once again live in hope).

    8. I get some fucking bastard sleep.

    9. Someone tries to have MiT off and he whups their arrse.

    10. Stacker1 is right. No he's not. Yes he is.

    So, Kiddos and Trolls and Sockpuppets, what are your predictions for the day?
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  2. That I'll probably need to crimp one off in the next hour or so.
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  3. Rules.

    Photos, or it didn't happen.

    Some people get off on that. Ewwwww!
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  4. 11. Serving soldiers everywhere will roll their eyes skywards at another mong post by Dino_Poo/TheRealBigDrizzle
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  5. Foolish woman, have you not seen the state of his brasco? It's vile!
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  6. 12. I'll get a little bit older, fatter and greyer but as I'm not posting pics of it, it won't happen. Cheers for that sluggy.
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  7. Make your own Top Ten up, lazy arrse.

    My No 11 is (no, not the song), I throw my fucking shit mobile phone out of the window into the back garden and put my BFO stilettos on and smash the fucking shit out of it and dance around the garden in my jammies whilst playing David Cassidy and the Bay City Rollers.

    Touch screen? My ARRSE.

    You seriously wouldn't want to be a Samsung at the moment. Trust me.
  8. There's 'Like' and 'Unlike'; can we have 'I really don't like'?
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  9. Nope, but consider yourself "Internet Slapped".

    I think someone may be sad that he can't have a Samsung shoved up his ricker soon. Answers on a postcard to:

    Ms Sister of IronDuke
    Oop North

    Oh, and put a stamp on it, I don't like any of you enough to pay a whole 60p for death threats.
  10. Hard-core!
  11. Can we add Werewolve's dribble to that as well? He's another mong poster
  12. I goad Rayc into cyber meltdown.
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  13. He's safe.

    Some mong tried to have me off for spelling and grammar at about 0300hrs.

    My, how I laughed.

    The fucking dickhead.

    Come on, Top Ten Predictions for the day.
  14. 1. You see most of it, having got yourself dosed-up on caffeine & Lemsip; not a good combo with a rage-on over an inanimate object combined with bowel-control problem.
  15. You reckon he'll do another BBR?

    Is that like a notch on the post?

    Typed from my bed, smerking a tab, watching Glee.