Predictions for friday:

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Cheat, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. What do you think's going to happen on friday. Granted security will be high, but is any one expecting an other dose of home-grown extreemism? Peacfull protest/Rioting? Somthing small scale like a shooting, an other bombing? What sort of target's would you be paying attention to if you were in charge?

    I call on the distinguished minds of arrse for their predictions.

    (The undistinguished ones are allowed as well.)

    T C
  2. I don't think they'd be that brave to do it a year to the day.
  3. I dunno mate, it doesn't take much to get one petrol bomb into a bus or an ASDA...

    T C
  4. Could be worth playing safe and standing outside the Benefits Office.
  5. On Friday I will be sending a bunch of flowers to my secretary, who was on the train when the bomb exploded and she arrived at the office smoke-blackened and in shock, unable to even speak. She has not taken a day off work due to her experience and she is a star.
  6. I predict that there will not be Muslims marching in the street carrying banners saying "not in my name".

    I would be extremely pleasantly surprised if there were, however.
  7. She sounds like one. Good on her.
  8. I predict that nothing will happen, except for:

    - politicians shedding crocodile tears and manipulating public emotion
    - the Dear Leader will say something in public (see above) and will deny Iraq had anything to do with it
    - some Diana-type ostentatious and deliberate public outpourings of grief
    - office Nazis (you know the type) insisting that everyone is silent
    - survivors and families of the dead carrying on with dignity
    - troops will be risking their necks in Afghanistan and Iraq
    - MPs will be knocking off early to fill in their expenses
    - Reid will be claiming that an inquiry will "divert resources" and that there is no need to pay out further compensation
    - the police and security services will be trying to stop future attacks, possibly with inadequate resources, because errors have been brushed under the carpet